The effect music has on the soul: Music is an important part of everyday life of young people


LN orchestra teacher Sandra Shaw is a skilled musician herself and plays multiple instruments.

Sophie Grover, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The bright fluorescent lights hit the backs of shiny wood and cold air wraps around every person in the Loy Norrix Orchestra room. C strings are tweaked, pegs are turned and bows are placed on strings.

Sandra Shaw is the orchestra instructor at Norrix. She went to Western Michigan University for undergrad and VanderCook College of Music for her master’s degree, majoring in music education.

“I wanted to be a musician….but I wanted to have health insurance too,” said Shaw.
Shaw started playing clarinet in 5th grade because it was the only instrument they had in their house.

When asked what music does for her, Shaw said, “Music soothes the soul and it allows for self expression.”

Unsurprisingly, this was an answer that I continually received. Zachary Lacey, another orchestra student, said that music allows him to express himself and release emotions.

According to Impact of Music, Music Lyrics, and Music Videos on Children and Youth “Music provides entertainment and distraction from problems and serves as a way to relieve tension and boredom.”

With the new generation of teens the stakes are set even higher. Every time you turn your head, you will probably see a teenager with blue light shining up into their eyes from a laptop or a smartphone.

According to Stress, Mental Health, and Generation Z, stress, anxiety and depression levels are rising in today’s teens. Familiar music is comforting and relaxing to many, and is even used in some therapies.

Natalie Ruegsegger is a freshman at Loy Norrix and started playing violin in 4th grade at Prairie Ridge. She said she really wanted to be in band as a kid because that’s how her parents met, but sadly they didn’t offer band at Prairie Ridge. Instead, she decided on violin. As a 14 year old, Ruegsegger says music really influences her mood and she’s pretty much always listening to something.

Some may argue that popular music today, because it is explicit, is a bad influence on young people. However, a study done in 2001 by DF Roberts et al reported that only 17% of male adolescents and 25% of female adolescents said they liked their favorite songs because of the lThe effect music has on the soul Music is an important part of everyday life of young people