Everyone should take action against climate change

Everyone should take action against climate change

Ashley Garcia, Guest Writer

Temperatures are rising, glaciers are shrinking, sea levels are increasing. This is a climate emergency. Some are non-believers because they don’t think they are affected by the climate change, but climate change is real and it is happening now. It is just going to get worse unless something is done about it.

Some people are losing hope about saving the earth because there has not been enough action, and there is no backup planet.

According to the article  Our planet is warming Here’s what’s at stake if we don’t act now from the website World Wild Life, it lists the effects of climate change in coming years such as “Sea level rises, coral bleaching, a ice free arctic, heat waves, increase flooding and plants and animals at risk of losing more than half of their habitats.” 

The planet is becoming warmer every year. According to Short Answers to Hard questions about climate change  by Justin Gillis, “As of early 2017, the Earth had warmed by roughly 2 degrees Fahrenheit, or more than 1 degree Celsius, since 1880, when records began at a global scale.” This might seem low but it must be taken seriously and must be changed.

Celebrity activists are taking action against climate change including Leonardo Dicaprio, Ian Somerhalder and Mark Ruffalo. These public figures are using the media to spread awareness about the potential effects of climate change.

 “I am not contributing because I don’t know what to do,” said LN junior Steven Guerrero about what actions he takes.

Many don’t know how to contribute and people should be informed of these actions to help fight against climate change, but there are many fairly easy ways people can adjust their lifestyles to help. 

For example, people are becoming vegans to help fight against climate change. According to Animal Agriculture ‘s impact on Climate Change from the Climate Census, “Animal agriculture is the second-largest contributor to human made-greenhouse gases…and is a leading cause of deforestation, water and air pollution and biodiversity loss.”  Becoming vegan could limit these effects.

People should lean towards a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle or limit meat intake to help the environment, and try to encourage family members and friends to follow as well.

 “I started out at the end of 8th grade, my friend was vegetarian. I did it a little bit and stopped. I forgot the reason I was doing it for about 6 months and then got back towards the middle of freshman year and kept going on with it and I don’t think I’ll go back,” sophomore Emma Atkinson shared her experience of becoming vegetarian.

Many people don’t want to be vegan or vegetarian because they don’t want to give up beloved foods but consider limiting meat intake. Try some vegetarian/vegan options at fast foods restaurants like Burger King and Taco Bell and KFC, or try cooking some meals at home with no meat once in a while.

As well as reducing meat intake, lowering car emissions is a great way to take action against climate change. Transportation such as planes, ships, and trains are a great cause of greenhouse gases pollution.

Try carpooling or taking public transportation. You could also try limiting air conditioning by opening up some windows while in your car (and even at home) finally, avoid unnecessary driving. Fit all of your errands into one trip. 

Junior Steven Guerrero says he wants a Tesla, which is an electrical car company. Electrical cars are powered by ‘clean’ energy. 

Tesla cars are environmentally friendly and could be a solution to reducing car emissions. They are electrical cars which are powered by batteries that need to be charged instead of using gas which releases more pollution.

Many are worried by the high cost of an electric that ranges from $35,000 to $124,000 but the car is worth the price and leaves satisfying results. No more trips to the gas stations  and the batteries are long lasting and help reduce pollution.

No one is ever too young to take action against climate change and Greta Thunberg proves it.

Greta Thunberg is 17 years old and Swedish and has recently been named Person of the Year by “Time” magazine. 

Thunberg has led multiple climate strikes, met with world leaders, and has inspired our generation to take action.

“I think at her young age, she’s doing changes, she’s getting her voice heard, but she is brave for this and representing the young generation,” said senior Marta Mejia about Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg encourages our generation to start contributing to the fight against climate emergency, and people should follow along and start doing something now.