How Korea is dealing with COVID-19 compared to the US


Shinling Yeh, Staff Writer

COVID-19 is spreading all over the world really rapidly. The world is focusing on the disease and trying to solve the problem. Most of the countries are getting more serious with the disease; however, in the middle of the situation, Korea is different.

In Korea, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found every bit of information of where people confirmed positive had gone and published the information on internet sites. It made people avoid dangerous places. 

Also, every person tried to wear masks even though they were healthy to avoid the disease, and people started a ‘social distancing’ campaign for themselves and each other. When they felt they had any symptoms of COVID-19, they tried to have self-isolation for the good of society. 

“Try not to go outside and when you go somewhere, remember to put the mask on,” my parents said about taking masks very seriously because in the US, most people don’t really put the masks on. But it is really an important and simple thing to avoid any disease. 

The medical assistance has been set very well. When Koreans wanted to take the COVID-19 test, they only needed to pay about $140 USD. When testers turned out positive, the fee would be returned to patients.

Furthermore, in the US, people are panic buying because they feel scared, but in Korea, according to reporter  CHOI Jeong-yoon of Arirang News, people don’t hoard because they know it will affect people who earn day by day.

I think in the US, they can’t do the exact same things because there are many policies that are different from Korea. 

Though, I think they can try to do similar things with their own government and policies. I hope the US also quickly figures out how to deal with this situation wisely and get much better soon.