The stay-at-home order is the perfect time to adopt new pet


Credit: Kimberly Moss

The first day I met Queenie, at the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. She immediately loved attention and we adopted her that day.

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor

My family adopted a new cat from the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue this week, and with the whole family staying home, it has been a smooth introduction. We’ve decided to name her Queenie, and she’s a four-year-old black cat who loves sleeping and eating.

We installed a baby gate in the doorway to my bedroom and put everything Queenie needs in my room, in order to let her get introduced to our dogs slowly. I am able to stay in my room with Queenie almost constantly, making sure she knows where the litter box is located and that she is getting enough food. With the addition of my parents working from home as well, we have been able to let Queenie adjust better.

Now that Kalamazoo Public Schools has switched to online learning for the rest of the school year and many adults are working from home, this time of staying at home is the perfect time to adopt a new pet. Families can introduce the new animal to the home and be there to monitor the introduction. Parents or children will almost always be around to supervise and interact with the new pet, as opposed to the previous schedule of constant school and work.

Socially isolating during the time can also be an emotionally draining and lonely time for many people, specifically teenagers. Teens are separated from friends and significant others during this time, some even being left to struggle with mental illness issues on their own. A pet can provide companionship for those teenagers who feel alone during this isolation and need a friend. Even if you’re not a teenager, pets are cute, happy companions to have during this scary time.

Adopting a dog during quarantine provides motivation to go on a walk and get outside during the day, an important activity to do right now. Adopting an animal provides stability and a sense of a routine, when you feed the pet or take it outside.

Adopting a pet usually isn’t too difficult, in fact there are several local rescues where you can adopt other than the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, including the SPCA of Southwest Michigan and the Animal Rescue Project. It is the perfect time to adopt while we’re still hunkered down, just make sure to continue social distancing.