The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

Junior Emerson Edwards heads to work from school on their bicycle. Since the city bus does not go to their job and they do not have a car, biking is often their only option.

Kalamazoo’s anti-pedestrian streets create severe safety issues for students

Aidan Zajac, Assistant Web Editor February 5, 2024

Every school day, the intersection of Kilgore Road and Lovers Lane becomes a major traffic choke point as dozens of vehicles rush to the Loy Norrix parking lot at once. Between the rush of buses around...

Wordle is released at 12 a.m. every day according to your timezone.

‘New York Times’ games ranked most entertaining

Lucy Langerveld, Staff Writer January 30, 2024

8: Letter Boxed  One of the more challenging games in the spelling-sphere, Letter Boxed requires the player to create five words using twelve letters placed around a square. The last letter of your...

Kyle Shack teaches Government B during 5th hour.  He helps individual students during work time to make sure they understand the material.

Teachers prefer teaching more than one subject a day, but not more than three

William Murphy June 7, 2023

Most students only have a teacher for one class a day, but imagine yourself as a Loy Norrix teacher, having to teach upwards of 3 subjects per day! “I always planned on teaching multiple subjects,”...

Flags like these are present in numerous public spaces like airports. Flags are often the art of a country, but some flags are better art than others.

Ranking the world flags: an in-depth review of colors, symbols, and meanings

Foster Neve-Jones, Assistant Web Editor and Knights Speak May 19, 2023

You land in a new country for the first time, making your way out of the plane into the airport where the nation's flag, the prominent symbol of that country, hangs from ceilings and flies on poles throughout...

Crash damage after an elderly man crashed into Alex Buckleys parked car. Leaving both cars totaled, the elderly man was ushered to the hospital in an ambulance.

People over the age of 60 should be required to retake their road test every three years

Alex Buckley, Sports Team April 26, 2023

Obtaining your driver's license as a teenager is a big thing. It allows you to be free and spread your wings into adulthood. But, as you age and move through life, so will your driving skills and at some...

“M3GAN is the best movie of 2023 thus far

“M3GAN” is the best movie of 2023 thus far

Alex Houslander April 12, 2023

The possessed doll and animals coming to life idea has been done many times before with movies like “Child’s Play,” “Annabel,” “Ted,” “Paddington,” and even “Winnie The Pooh.” But...

Levi Montero chooses to wear his mask every day to protect himself and others. “I think people should wear masks to keep them safe from other diseases other than COVID,” said Montero.

People should take precautions when they return to school after being sick

Alora Cartwright, Guest Writer March 15, 2023

It is a warm classroom, the desks are sticky and people are too close. You can smell AXE body spray and hear people coughing and sneezing. Schools in Michigan always struggle in the winter with flu...

Knight Life Life: Brazilian students give their first impressions of Norrix

Knight Life Life: Brazilian students give their first impressions of Norrix

Wolfgang Madonia and Isabella Figueroa, Knight Life Life February 10, 2023

U.S. schools arent properly preparing students for their futures

U.S. schools aren’t properly preparing students for their futures

Kierra Walker, Tower Talk Team February 9, 2023

At some point in everyone’s lives they will need to cook, clean, fix an appliance, change a tire or renovate a house. Should it not be the school's duty to prepare adolescents for these events? High...

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