Embrace your creative side and relieve stress: craft ideas

A page about the movie Lady Bird from my movie journal. I printed off a couple photos and wrote some quotes, along with general information about the movie.

Credit: Clara Moss

A page about the movie “Lady Bird” from my movie journal. I printed off a couple photos and wrote some quotes, along with general information about the movie.

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor

No matter how crafts turn out, the process of creating something is beneficial. You can let out your emotions and thoughts in any way you please, whether abstract or concretely. Crafts can also calm you down and serve as a relaxing way to pass time, especially during a phase where there seems to be so much extra time.

Movie journal

One craft idea that you can look back at and add to is a movie journal. All you need is a notebook, drawing/writing utensils, and a printer is optional.

In this movie journal, you can memorialize your favorite movies in mini collages. You can write the name of the movie and choose to include the actors/director, important quotes, how you felt when you first watched it, and print off or draw snapshots from the movie.

Keep adding over time and eventually look back at all the movies!

There are so many different forms of jewelry that are easy to make at home, but some are more accessible than others. One simple option is the traditional string friendship bracelet, which was very popular last summer.
Grab some string and just look up patterns or tutorials online to get started.

Several friendship bracelets, one made of bigger beads, one of glass beads, and one of string. (Clara Moss)

Another type of friendship bracelets can be made from bigger colorful beads or beads with letters. For these, just slide the beads onto stretchy string and spell out words with the letters if you wish.

Finally, another type of jewelry can be made from small glass beads, which can be found at most craft stores. You can make these necklaces and bracelets using beads, stretchy string, and clasps to secure the bracelet. Watch some tutorials for these types of bracelets online, as securing them requires the right tools.

Scrapbooks are a common craft, but may be a perfect idea to stay busy during this worldwide pandemic. Cut out newspaper clippings about corona or take pictures of what it’s like outside to remember the times. You could also make a scrapbook of childhood memories or pictures from trips, if you want to remember the past. No matter what you choose, you can spend time making a craft that you’ll be able to prize for a long time.

Room decorations

A page from a scrapbook I made about different trips I’ve taken. This one was with my family to Belize. (Clara Moss)

Another broad craft comes in the form of room decorations. You can spend time drawing simple artwork to hang on your walls or print off movie posters or magazine or album covers. If you have a polaroid camera, hang up those photos or take new ones. You could also find an old Atlas you have and rip out cool maps to hang up or choose any book with pictures or diagrams that you like. If you’re allowed to, you could even paint on your doors or walls.

This is how I set up the room decorations in my room. I printed off Time Magazine covers, movie posters, album covers, took flower diagrams out of a book, and put up pictures. (Clara Moss)

Transfer shirts
Transfer shirts are a fun way to basically make your own graphic shirts. You can do this with any shirt, whether you choose a plain t-shirt or tank top. There are different methods to make these shirts, and you can find tutorials online, but you’ll basically need the photos you choose printed off on paper, the shirt of your choice, an iron, and either transfer paper or some form of parchment and film.

These are just a few craft suggestions, but you can research for more ideas or even come up with your own ideas. Crafts are truly a way to relieve stress, especially during this time.