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Embrace your creative side and relieve stress: craft ideas

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor June 5, 2020

No matter how crafts turn out, the process of creating something is beneficial. You can let out your emotions and thoughts in any way you please, whether abstract or concretely. Crafts can also calm you...

Freshman artist looks towards practical careers in the arts

Sophie Decker, Web Editor, A/V Editor April 1, 2020

Sun filters in from large windows, illuminating the wood floors of her art studio as freshman Stella Amy works on her most recent project: Christmas presents!  Last Christmas, Amy made bags for her...

The ACT-SO program is helping African-American students everywhere

The ACT-SO program is helping African-American students everywhere

Natacia Branstrom, Social Media Team March 10, 2020

The ACT-SO is a national youth program that is run by the NAACP. ACT-SO stands for Afro-Academic, Culture, Technology, and Scientific Olympics. This is a year long program designed for young African-American...

Music teacher Julie Pellegrino practices a new song with her class. Those who have attended Blue Lake help lead the class and set a higher standard for other choir members. Photo Credit/Brandon Schnurr

Fine Tuning the Fine Arts: Blue Lake Challenges Artistic Students

Brandon Schnurr, Web Editor November 28, 2017

Every summer, kids get to relax and take some time off from all the stress and hard work that they’ve been doing since the beginning of September. Some kids stay home all summer, others go to the beach...

Kendra Eaton: Art Is Something Of A Therapy

Kendra Eaton: Art Is Something Of A Therapy

Maggie Lager February 1, 2017

Kendra Eaton, Junior "I think art was something important to me since I was very young; although it took me awhile to realize, it was something of a therapy or stress reliever. I still depend on it [art]...

Bella Lager: Creating An Aesthetic

Bella Lager: Creating An Aesthetic

Maggie Lager January 31, 2017

Bella Lager, Freshman "I think art can be a way to express yourself or get a message through, but it's also just something that can have no meaning or purpose to you. Unlike some people, I don't really...

Curnica Landwer: A Different Point Of View

Curnica Landwer: A Different Point Of View

Maggie Lager January 30, 2017

Curnica Landwer, Senior "Every artist is different. Every one of us artists have a different point of view and different way of doing things, but the thing that makes us the same is that we embrace and...

Volume 57, Issue 2

Volume 57, Issue 2

January 10, 2017


Freshman Bela Coats focused on reading the comic book

Loy Norrix Freshman Relates to Comic Book Characters, Good and Bad

kyronwilliams December 2, 2014

  “If you can’t spend it, money’s just a lot of worthless paper isn't it?” -Batman. In this case, you can spend money. You can spend that money on comic books. Freshman Bela Coats likes comic...

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