KPS students offered the opportunity to take SAT

An official study guide for the SAT, in 2005.

An official study guide for the SAT, in 2005.

Lily Stickley, Feature Editor

For the 2020-2021 school year, Loy Norrix is only offering the SAT and will not be including the rest of the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) which during a “normal” year would include not only the SAT, but also the WorkKeys and M-STEP assessments. The full MME is taken by 11th grade students. The M-STEP and WorkKeys test will be offered to 11th graders on April 28th.

The M-STEP is now being offered separately, “This year only, districts have to offer third through eighth grade, ninth, and eleventh grade virtual students the opportunity to come into school to take the appropriate state summative assessments,” said Dr. Rita Raichoudhuri KPS Superintendent. You can click here to register for the M-Step before Sunday April 18th. The PSAT 9 will be offered to 9th grade students on May 5th. Students can register for the PSAT at the same link above.

The SAT will take place on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. The PSAT will also be available to 10th grade students on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. 

Due to the pandemic last spring, the United States Department of Education offered a waiver and the SAT was not required to be administered. Many colleges removed it from their admissions process as well.

There have been efforts for a similar waiver this school year; however, unlike last year, “The state of Michigan was not granted the waiver requested to forgo standardized testing this year,” said LN Dean of Students Erin Anderson. Thus schools are required to offer standardized testing.

There will be a lot of COVID safety protocols/precautions in place. “COVID Precautions: Students who ride the bus must wear a mask during the entire time.

Students must enter and leave the building through the designated doors,” Anderson continued. “Students must wear a mask upon arrival to campus and throughout the entire exam. Students need to complete the KPS COVID-19 Health Screener form [English] [Spanish]. Students will be seated so they maintain social distancing.  We will remind students as they enter the building that they are to maintain social distancing as they walk to their testing room.”

The school wants parents/guardians and their students to feel assured that, if their student wants to take the SAT, they will be able to. 

“We would ensure that each room used was able to be socially distanced and we had the proper amount of staff to issue the test to all 11th graders if they chose.  We have many open areas that we would utilize like the gym if the entire 11th grade class were to take the SAT,” said Anderson.