Social media threats cause increased caution at Loy Norrix


Credit: Elliot Russell

Campus safety officer pats down senior Jacob Shantz’s bag. All students were searched for weapons before entering the building on Monday, September 27.

Hannah Locke, Editor in Chief

On Thursday, September 23, a social media post went out threatening a “shootout” at Kalamazoo Central and Loy Norrix high schools and a bombing at an unnamed “courthouse.” These threats are said to take place on Monday, September 27.

In an email sent out last night by Loy Norrix Principal Christopher Aguinaga, he assured students and parents that “At this time, the threats have not been deemed credible.”

Still, precautionary measures are being taken to protect students and faculty. 

“We will have an increased police presence at both high schools tomorrow, September 24 as well as Monday the 27th,” Aguinaga wrote in his email. “We will also be using our metal detectors.”

While the person or persons behind the threats have not been identified, Michigan State Police are investigating in collaboration with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety and Kalamazoo Township Police Department to determine who is responsible for the social media post.

“The person or persons involved could be held criminally responsible in addition to facing school consequences,” Aguinaga wrote.

Students are encouraged to refrain from reposting the threats, they will be punished for doing so as well. The safety of students and faculty is the top priority of law enforcement and Kalamazoo Public Schools administration. 

“If you see something, say something,” Aguinaga urged in his email and during the announcements on Friday, September 24.