“Halloween Kills” review: Please don’t kill my heart


Cavan Helms, Sports Editor

I hit the soft cushions of what most call the iconic movie-watching location, the couch. Hoping for a rush of comfort and pleasure, I land on the crumbs of the chips I ate yesterday. I am also ignoring my parents, who stare at me with disapproval, considering I am 30 minutes late. Yikes, not the best way to start the viewing of the newly released movie “Halloween Kills.¨

I had very high expectations for the film because this is the 12th film of the long franchise of the “Halloween” movies. With a highly rated 2018 movie “Halloween Returns,” many expected another great experience. 

Every movie’s biggest fear, “Rotten Tomatoes,” rated “Halloween Returns” 79%, which landed it almost double the average rating of horror movies. 

“Halloween Kills” only reached 40%, which is considered “average.¨

Many reviewers worldwide have rated “Halloween Kills” 1 out of 5 stars or 5 out of 5 stars, not much in the middle, according to the six thousand plus reviews on Google. This disagreement among viewers shows that mistakes in the film were made.

The biggest mistake many have found is the large mass of people that chant “evil dies tonight,¨ for about an hour of the movie. This is a huge time waster, meanwhile Michael Myers is murdering many around town, while they are still chanting and walking around the hospital doing nothing. 

There’s also a suicide scene inside the hospital that adds nothing to the plot, nor is it enertaining. This is another time waster, and is also slightly uncomfortable to watch. Many viewers watch a horror movie for a scare, and this is more gross than anything. 

Don’t get me wrong, this movie was not all bad. There are many kills and slow-motion scenes that make this movie intense and make you check your shoulder. 

If you are looking for a quick scare and mediocre horror movie, this is your movie.

This movie is not based on the Michael Myers’ plot, it is more based on pure massacre and violence.

Now after frantically swiping at my couch, hoping the crumbs will cooperate and let me watch the movie in peace, I have come to the conclusion that this is just another horror movie. Nothing special, nothing I would watch again, but an average horror movie. 

I enjoyed it and would recommend you go watch it if you’re bored, but if you’re a “Halloween” franchise fanatic, save your money and frustration.