Female Empowerment Club is back on track


Credit: Fletcher E

Reniya France, one of the leaders of the Women Empowerment Club discuss the forming of the club. Anna Edleson and Nadia Abbot talk about woman’s rights issues.

Unique Payton, Staff Writer

“The purpose of the Female Empowerment Club is to create a safe place for women, especially women of color, because we need some reassurance and a support group,” Reniya France, a junior leader of the club said.

This club started last year in 2020. They held meetings through the internet and online. This year will be the first time they get to meet in person and get to know each other.  

Leaders of the Female Empowerment Club are still planning and working out a couple things to get the club rolling and back on track. The club involves volunteering and a couple of plans they have for the club is to create emergency kits for girls and as well as single-mother care packages. They are also planning to do fundraisers.

¨Our next meeting will be very soon after everything is planned out,¨ France said.

The Female Empowerment Club wants to make a difference at Loy Norrix by creating a safe space for women to make them feel included, loved and able to express themselves. The club hope to help young women feel like they are seen and offer a safe place to be themselves without concern for others’ opinion..  emphasize the importance of spreading information, especially about black women history, the discrimination and injustices they encounter.

¨Being back in-person is kind of hard because we´re getting started, we lost a few members. But, I´m still happy for this school year and how everything goes,¨ France said. ¨We all wanted a club where we could be ourselves and pursue or talk about issues that could be in school or just in the world in general.”

Over 15 people, most of them women, haved joined the club this year. This club has grabbed the attention of many students because they want a difference in the school and the world.

¨My highest moment in this club is seeing how much people are interested in this club and how much people are caring about this club,¨ said France. Omarion Sanders-Fields, a senior, has been involved with the Female Empowerment Club since last year. Because of COVID they didn’t do much, but members still all kept in contact. 

Omarion Sanders-Fields said, ¨I don’t see anything else new happening. I believe everything would still be the same because of everyone focusing on their classes and lost a couple members.¨

Sanders-Fields believes the purpose of the Female Empowerment Club is empowering women and giving women power because this world has disrespectful people walking around in it.

¨I hope we have more meetings and have everyone come together again after a whole year later,¨ Sanders-Fields said.