Washington Football Team rebrands to Washington Commanders


Donovan Wilson, Sports Editor

On Friday, February 4, the Washington Football Team announced a completely new rebranding for the team

In 2020 the owner of the Washington Football Team, Daniel Snyder, announced they would no longer be called the Redskins after 85 years. The name change was due to pressure from FedEx Corp., who has the naming rights to Washington’s stadium. 

Other groups were also involved in pressuring the team for a name change since the term “Redskin” is used as a derogatory and offensive term towards Native Americans. Native Americans, Suzan Harjo, has been a strong force in advocating for teams to change their names with inappropriate, racist terms. TWashington announced they will call themselves the Washington Commanders. After two years of being called the Washington Football Team, the Washington organization finally decided to rebrand.

Many other names were in the race to replace the Washington Football Team. Some other proposed names included the Washington Red Tails, Red Wolves, Warriors,  Brigade, Defenders and Armada. But with Commanders being chosen, there is a much smaller chance of controversy. 

The Commanders will have 2 new logos, a yellow and maroon modernized ‘W’ and a badge logo that’s maroon and white with the term ‘Washington Football’ on top.  It will also feature the years that Washington has won the NFL Championship/Super Bowl (1937, 1942, 1983, 1988, 1992).

The Commanders have already revealed new uniforms and gear for fans as they get ready for their first official season as the Washington Commanders in the fall of 2022. The Commanders will keep the maroon and yellow colors for their uniforms but will also debut an all black uniform for the first time ever.

As the 2022-2023 season is soon to be upon us, the Commanders will have quite a few eyes on them and their new rebranding this season.