Now that the groundhog has seen his shadow, here’s what to do with your six remaining weeks of winter


Left to right; Sophomore Josephine Velo, Senior Isabela Neves Cordeiro, and Sophomore Odessa Clemente, ice skating on Woods lake. In normal winter seasons, Michigan lakes can have ice around six inches thick.

Nola Mullins, Feature Editor

You’re sitting on your couch in the middle of a cold winter day with nothing to do. As the days drag and the winter weather begins, everything just seems to blend together into one big mass of boredom. Cold weather and COVID have shut down many activities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Junior Conner Rafferty slides on a rail while skiing. In Michigan, up to 2.4 million ski visits occur each winter.

Snowboarding and skiing are a great way to have fun while taking advantage of the cold weather and snow. Places near Kalamazoo to snowboard and ski include, but are not limited to, Bittersweet Resort  and Timber Ridge .

Snow tubing can be a great activity for those who don’t want to exert too much physical energy while still having a fun time. You can snow tube at Echo Valley and Timber Ridge. Sledding is similar to snow tubing as another fast and sometimes wild activity to take part in, making it great for those who have been cooped up inside for a while. Good sledding areas can be found at Portage Northern High School and Kindleberger Park.

Left to right; Sophomore Josephine Velo, Senior Isabela Neves Cordeiro, and Sophomore Odessa Clemente, ice skating on Woods lake. In normal winter conditions, Michigan lakes can have ice around six inches thick.

Ice Skating is another great way to take advantage of the weather and season for a fun activity. You can ice skate at The ice rink at Millennium Park.

Movie marathons can be a fun way to stay cozy inside while having a fun time. These are some popular movie series that are sure to make you want to lay in bed all day: The “Home Alone” series, now streaming on Disney Plus; “Harry Potter,” available on Peacock; “Back to the Future,” available on Peacock; “Star Wars,” available on Disney Plus; and “Maze Runner,” available on Amazon Prime.

Baking is a great way to benefit yourself and your family members by making some delicious treats that everyone can enjoy. Gingerbread is a fun tasty treat that is sure to put a smile on your face. Cinnamon rolls are another surefire way to make a delicious breakfast or dessert. Almost any pie can be a delicious dessert for any occasion.

Conner McBride, a student baker, making danishes. Conner is known for making sweet treats. (Credit: Conner McBride)

Loy Norrix also offers many clubs, any of which can be a fun  or educational after school activity. It’s a great way to meet new people, see new perspectives on things, and make friends.


Club advisor Joseph Zarn writing philosophical questions on the board. He and the club discuss ideas related to society, individuals, and interesting concepts during their time together. (Credit: Kendall Sloan)

Some Loy Norrix clubs include-

Cybersecurity club – meet in M1 on Tuesdays – Thursdays after school

Swords and Board – meet in C16 on after school on Wednesdays

Green School club – meet in 814 after school on Thursdays

Gender & Sexuality Alliance – Thursdays after school in the Library

Philosophy club – meet in B17 after school on Thursdays

Loy Norrix Conservatives – meet in D18 after school on Thursdays

Loy Norrix Young Democrats – meet in C13 after school on Tuesdays

Female Empowerment club – meet in K12 after school on Wednesdays

AV club – meet in K6 after school usually on Tuesdays

Esports – Thursdays at 8pm on Discord

Rock Climbing club – Wednesdays

Chess club – Dates fluctuate and are usually on announcements

Black Student Union – Meets every two Thursdays of the month