Top 5 Annoying Things People Say


Photo by Allie Creamer
Ben Miller

5: YOLO- The acronym You Only Live Once was started when a popular song, “The Motto,” was made by Drake, a famous musician. Ever since then, it has been used as an excuse to be irresponsible. YOLO has become an epidemic by sparking stupidity in American youth.

4: You Mad, Bro?- This statement is possibly the most aggravating of phrases. Used simply to antagonize those that are already upset, this has become quite the fad to say. Saying, “You mad, bro?” is the verbal equivalent of throwing gasoline on the fire of rage. People who say this are a big part of why I am in fact mad, bro.

3: Dope- Although this word was formerly used to refer to drugs in a negative way, it has moved on to better things. Yet again, we have found a new way to say cool, sweet, awesome, boss, great, super, fresh, and “the stuff.” Because clearly, we didn’t have enough.

2: Swag- SWAAAAAAG! Who needs a brain when you have SWAAAG?! I believe The Wizard of Oz’s Scarecrow would gladly make that trade, talk to him. Although clever, the class of 2014’s “do you have swag” shirts basically say “who needs good grades when you have swag?” This word can easily be added to our wonderful list of synonyms for the word dope.

1: Cool Story, Bro- My older brother makes a large circle with both of his arms. Holding this up to me, he says in a sarcastic tone, “Cool story, bro. Put it in the basket with all the other cool stories.”

This terrible phrase comes from the deepest, darkest parts of sarcasm. Intentionally used to make you feel socially awkward, this saying tells you that your life is boring. I have had to ask after being insulted what the basket gesture is. By some logic, two arms in a circle symbolize a trash can. Whether the logic is flawed or not, this statement is by far the most annoying way to move a conversation along.