Porco Approved Revisited: history teacher Matthew Porco returns with more iconic quips

James Hauke, Multimedia Editor

Matthew Porco in his personal life is a father of two, an avid Mario Kart player, and a nostalgic who often reminisces of his time in the 1990’s: however, to Loy Norrix students and staff, Porco is a veteran history teacher who is known for his eccentric remarks.

Back in January of 2018, former Knight Life chief copy editor Anna Kushner wrote an article which highlighted some of these iconic remarks entitled “Porco Approved.”

Over the past four years, with online schooling, or better known to Porco as “Chromebook School,” out of the way, he has had time to brush up on his quotes and classic one-liners that have been recorded by his students just in time for “Porco Approved: Revisited.”