Loy Norrix teachers agree to disagree on students eating in their classrooms during lunch time

Isabella Figueroa, Social Media Editor, Social Media Team

Ding, ding, ding, ding, it’s time for lunch! When it’s time for lunch, most students go to the cafeteria. But, some go and sit in their teachers’ classrooms. 

These students have an option to get away from the rush of the cafeteria, but the teachers have their own opinions about it. 

 In the KPS negotiated agreement with teachers it says, “Duty-free lunch periods for all full-time employees in the middle school and senior high schools will be provided. Such period shall equal one (1) module, or one-half (1/2) class period at the middle school level, and no less than twenty-five (25) minutes at the senior high.” 

Still, some teachers open their classroom for lunch time. 

Jay Peterson has been teaching for 27 years. In the beginning of his teaching career, he ate lunch with students in the cafeteria. 

“If there is a trade-off between getting work done and allowing students to be in here, I’m happy to let them hang out,” said Peterson

Peterson recognizes that teachers need the time to recollect themselves in the few minutes that they are granted. However, for him, he needs the time with students to prepare himself for the rest of the day. 

As Peterson’s TV room is open to lunch time livelihood, Rebecca Layton’s door is closed, as she uses the time for herself. 

Loy Norrix social studies teacher Layton used to allow students in her room during lunch for years until her schedule became busier and she needed time for herself. 

“When I had my room open for lunch, I had to go through daily to clean up spills, trash, whole meals left on desks,” said Layton,  “If my door was closed because I had to do something else, kids would pound on the door repeatedly.” 

There is not a time anymore where she allows students to go to her classroom during lunch. 

“I work incredibly hard to be a safe space for students in my class during class time, but it also has to be a place where I can complete my work to help my students.” said Layton, “Having a classroom of kids is not a break for us and doesn’t allow us to do what we need to do.¨ 

Whether teachers want students in their classroom during lunch or not, it is up for them to decide at the end of the day.