Loy Norrix’s second Renaissance Rally of the year was a success


Credit: Isabella Figueroa

Senior James Rocco, conducts a deciding game of Rock, Paper, Scissors between junior Nia Moncrief and sophomore Anna Miedema. Students watch the game from the bleachers.

Sophia Ciokajlo and Isabella Figueroa

At the beginning of fourth hour, a select group of Loy Norrix students filed down to the gym to partake in the Renaissance Rally. This is the first year Norrix has awarded students with a rally since 2013.
The Renaissance Rally that took place on December 8th, 2022 was a way to honor the students who achieved a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher in the first trimester of the school year.
Jostens Renaissance Education is a program that has helped schools across the world for more than 30 years. On the Jostens Renaissance Educations official website, it states that it contributes to “increased attendance rate and graduation rates, improved academic performance and behavior, higher teacher retention rates, boost in overall school spirit.”
The festivities began with student helpers throwing t-shirts into the audience. Then a dance competition sprung up between students where they had to follow the dance moves projected onto the screens with dance moves like “The Charleston.”
Interactive games followed, one of which was a game where two students put their heads on a baseball bat and spun around. Then the dizzy students had to make basketball shots with a time limit, and the one who had the most shots won.
There was a relay race where students took turns dressing up in Loy Norrix basketball uniforms and sprinting across the gym floor.
Human Hungry Hippo was another activity that was offered, where students would lay down on scooter boards, with a box in their hands to try and capture the most tennis balls.
The winners of the games won various prizes.
There were raffles at the end of the rally where chosen students were rewarded with the option to choose from prom tickets, LN swag, a seat on the bus to the Norrix basketball game at the Pistons stadium in Detroit, or a ticket to watch LN sports for the entire school year.
While not all students joined in on the activities, the others got a chance to socialize and take a ‘break’ from their typical school day.
“I think the rally is really good. It’s a great way to honor students who have good grades,” said junior Stephanie Garcia.
The Renaissance Rally is an incentive used to motivate students and increase graduation rates. It also is used to recognize the students who are doing well in school.
Athletic Director Andrew Laboe, who helped to coordinate the event, was happy with the turn-out, with an estimate of 700 students.
“The feedback from the students that went yesterday was very positive,” said Laboe.
A lot goes into planning the event, and it can be overwhelming with unexpected obstacles like the snow day on November 18th, which pushed back final grades.
“I’m glad we’re doing it. There are so many students who do the right thing all the time, every day, and it’s so important to recognize that,” said Laboe.