Catch the Club: Sword and Board pushes the limits of your imagination!


Credit: Ender Ross

Liam Crookston does battle with other students at Sword and Board. The game they are playing is Magic: The Gathering

Ender Ross, Executive Web Editor

In the faraway land of Ravnica, great heroes do battle with a vast and powerful dragon. 

Of course, such a thing is more often read about than lived through, but at Sword and Board, the opposite is true. 

Sword and Board is a board game club, held in Corey O Bryan’s room C16 on Wednesdays after school. 

Sophomore Liam Crookston, who attend the club every Wednesday said “Sword and Board is chaotic and fun at its prime”

Sword and Board is chaotic and fun at its prime.

— Liam Crookston

And what is more chaotic and fun than board games! Dungeons and Dragons takes center stage with multiple sessions being run every meeting. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy roleplaying game, where the players use their imagination and dice to decide their actions. 

Magic the Gathering is also played, a trading card game where players compete with cards to defeat their opponents. It’s like poker, but at 100 miles per hour, and with dragons. 

“I play Magic the Gathering, I run a variety of decks in commander. That’s a format where you have one card as your commander, and you build your deck around that,” said Crookston.

Everyone is allowed to show up and play. On top of the Magic and Dungeons and Dragons, other card games are played, like Uno. 

“If you’re thinking of joining Sword and Board, do it. Do it. There’s a great community and fun people to be around,” said senior Robert Daniels. 

If you’re interested in Sword and Board, then consider attending on Wednesdays in C16. 

“We hope to see you there!” added Daniels.