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Loy Norrix National Honor Society welcomes the largest number of inductees in chapter history

Credit: Christopher Aguinaga
New and old NHS members gather on the stage after the ceremony. Proud friends and family take photos of the inductees.

The auditorium was filled with supportive family and friends waiting to watch as students upheld the long-time NHS tradition of committing to service.

On Tuesday, Dec. 19th, the National Honor Society (NHS) held the annual induction ceremony in the auditorium to welcome 64 new inductees. This large number made chapter history at Loy Norrix for the most people inducted in one night. The record-breaking jump in membership puts the chapter at 104 students. 

Although the majority of inductees were juniors, several seniors decided to take advantage of the opportunity for their final year of high school. 

NHS President Isabella Essink is enthusiastic about the number of juniors who joined.

“I’m very excited for the future of the organization because we have so many people to keep it alive and prevalent. The message of NHS will be spread far and will continue on even after the graduation of us seniors.”

NHS advisor Matthew Porco gave the opening remarks before introducing the 2023-2024 NHS officers: Isabella Essink is president, Odessa Clemente is vice president, Hannah Zmick-Furno is secretary and Ella Stangl is treasurer.

Each year, it is customary for the NHS officers to speak on the four pillars of the honor system before lighting a candle representing their pillar. 

Zmick-Furno went first and spoke about service. She was followed by Stangl, who gave her speech on the importance of good character. Shortly after Stangl, Clemente introduced the third pillar, scholarship, before turning over the mic to Essink, who completed the four pillars by giving a speech on what leadership means to her. At the end of the ceremony, President Essink lit the final candle. 

When it came time for the inductees to walk across the stage, they shook the hands of Principal Christopher Aguinaga and co-advisor Ryan Allen before signing their names into the membership book, which certifies their commitment to the organization. 

After each member had signed their name, Allen and Superintendent Dr. Darrin Slade both went up to the podium to give their closing remarks before the members were sworn in with the NHS pledge led by Essink. 

NHS welcomes new members each year who meet the requirement of a minimum GPA of 3.5 and who submit an essay on the four pillars of the honor society. 


Senior Inductees

McKenna Bradley 

Te’ya Dawson

Nora Duffy

Kelly Garcia 

Chloe Hanks 

Zawadi Lukwaro

Clarence McCants

Johnathon Russel

Julienne Shaina


Junior Inductees

Charlotte Agnello 

Emerson Agnello

Elliot Anderson

Elizabeth Bierlein

Sofia Bogard 

Fiona Braun

Alanna Brockman

Daisy Brady

Audrey Buck

Edmundo Castillo-Gyllstrom

Edwin Ciokajlo

Eleanor Cook

Liam Crookston

Macy Daniels

William Dominianni

Eloise Dunfee

Georgia Edmonds

Luke Fried

Emma Goschke

Emma Gray

Morgan Hall

Audrey Hamilton 

Claudia Hansen

Carter Hausman

Flora Harper 

John Hawver 

Jayde Hayworth

Cavan Helms 

Samantha Heyart 

Isabella Johnson

Sayani Jones

Violet Kaplan-Neumann

Nevin Kelley

Shayla Kilduff 

Nolan Kiplinger

Lily Longtin

Hailey Lowry

Arianna McCord

Jireh McNair

Anna Miedema 

Tatum Mielke

Zelda Molitor

Isabella Morris

Bjorn Nelson

Jack Nicolai 

Holland Quinn

Ellie Reeves

Mirei Root

Isaac Scavarda 

Samuel Schnell

Andrew Sedore       

Cameron Shaffer

Leah Sparks 

Josi Sterenberg 

Audra Tate


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