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Credit: Gideon Mintz
Photo illustration: Some students use AI to help them with challenging assignments.

The world is moving faster than ever and with that, so is technology. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a reputation as the new big name in technology. In history, AI is the most advanced technology so far. 

According to Intelligent Classrooms: What AI Means For The Future Of Education, the focus of the future is how AI is going to change the world we live in. With AI being relatively new, it is not yet necessary in everyday life, but we can see it creeping into our lives. 

Education has been negatively impacted by AI so far as many students use technology as a quick way to get the answer without doing the work. 

Freshman Dimitri Burks has used AI in the past and has seen the impact on education. 

“The more papers students get the more AI gets used, so what is the point of learning if people can just use AI to write their papers for them? It’s like on a construction site, you have tools and equipment that do the work for you,” said Burks.

Social studies teacher James Johnson has had students try to turn in work with AI in his classroom.

“AI can give you an answer and it might be right, but unless you know how to think and can apply what the tool has given you then you are just setting yourself up for failure,” said Johnson. “I get students trying to turn in AI answers, and it’s not what they turned in is wrong, it’s just I didn’t teach about that.”

In the past technology has come in and changed the world as it is, AI has that same potential if not more potential. 

We can expect to see AI becoming more and more implemented in our lives and education is going to adapt to this new tech. Still, there are going to be certain learning environmental elements that will stay the same like teachers, textbooks and buildings.

“The buildings provide so much for people besides the learning, so I don’t ever see those going away,” said Johnson. “Just as one example, the food, think about how many people rely on school to get their breakfast and lunch every day. I don’t ever see it truly replacing teaching, there’s too much of a human element to it that technology cannot replace” 

AI will be here to stay and that means students and teachers are going to have to get used to it.

“There are tools that are specifically for teachers to help write lesson plans, come up with questions, or activities,” said Johnson. “There are tools to help modify the things we give students who speak different languages or students with learning disabilities and that makes the work of a teacher a lot faster. We want our teaching to be relevant to the world you all live in too.”

AI has been used for quick answers instead of as a tool to enhance learning.

“If schools take into consideration how useful AI can be instead of a cheat sheet, then it can have a really positive outcome,” said Burks.

AI is brand new and a lot of people are unsure of what it even is. According to What is Artificial Intelligence and how does AI work? by Nicole Laskowski, “AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.”  

So far in schools all around the country, AI has often been used in the wrong way. Students and teachers must work together to use the new technology in a positive way that can create a better learning environment and pathway to student success. 

According to 43 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Education, they give many examples of how Artificial Intelligence can be used in education. Adaptive learning, facility management, language learning, lesson planning, and assistive technology to name a few.

“Not every job setting that we are preparing you for is going to have a definite answer that you can just search up on Google or ask AI for. You have to learn to think for yourself and be your own person,” said Johnson.

AI is showing the world its capabilities every day and is evolving with the fast-changing world. 

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