I Don’t Need to See Your Bucket of Chicken Breasts #Pet Peeves



by Sha’Kira Green and Aerion Caldwell

Everyone’s taking the test. It’s quiet, but then you hear tap, tap, tap. The sound of a classmate’s pen tapping away at their desk. You stare at them wishing they would stop. As you look down at your test trying to keep focused, it seems as if the tapping gets faster and louder. You try to plug your ears and just ignore it. It doesn’t work. Next thing you know you’re shouting across the room for them to stop. You’ve had enough.

Whether it’s the constant tapping of a pen or when people back into parking spaces, everyone has their set of pert peeves. The students and teachers at Loy Norrix have similar pet peeves and others you might think are just bizarre.


  • Small amounts of food or juice left in a container
  • When people pick their nose
  • Pretzels in Chex Mix
  • When people sag their pants
  • When people don’t blow their nose
  • When people sit on the pillow that you sleep on
  • Wearing I.Ds
  • When people touch your face
  • The sound of people licking their fingers
  • When people smack while eating
  • Slow walkers in the hallways
  • When people ask questions they already know the answer to
  • Immature people
  • Slow Internet
  • People in General
  • When people rap badly
  • Snitches
  • Cafeteria food
  • When people STINK


  • Students not wearing their IDs
  • Backing into parking spots
  • Leaving the light on
  • Tooth sucking
  • FRINGE on papers that’s turned in
  • Poor grammar
  • Students that don’t listen
  • Late Work
  • Late students
  • Buses/Parents that try to run you over in the parking lot
  • Students using pencil instead of pen
  • Dirty cafeteria
  • Whining

Common Pet Peeves

  • People biting their nails
  • Tapping pencils
  • When people sing badly
  • Staring
  • Tumble-weave (weave blowing in the air)
  • Stealing
  • Farting/burping in class
  • Morning breath