Guest Article: Differences in Diabetics

Ben Dunham

by Travis Cole
by Travis Cole

by Travis Cole

There are many diabetics in the United States. Some are even walking in the halls around you in your very own school.

I am one of those.

Diabetics are all different; some don’t mind showing others what they must do to live, others don’t want anyone else to know. Personally, I don’t care enough to take my shots and test my blood sugar anymore, so people usually don’t notice.

Some need to take shots every time they eat even the smallest little things, while others just have to maintain their blood sugar when it goes up and down.

Many students don’t want to tell their peers because they think they will be treated different. When I was diagnosed and sitting in the hospital bed my 4th grade class came and saw me. When I saw them file into my room, I was so happy to see them care that much. However, others may not want quite that much publicity, so they may just tell their closest friends that they know won’t care. Some may not tell their girlfriends or boyfriends because they fear that if they do they may lose them.

My point is, we are all different so treat us as such. Some people you know could be diabetic or develop diabetes within the next few years.

So, if you have a friend and they tell you that they are diabetic, be supportive; don’t shut them out of your life.