Ways to Ward off Boredom During This Winter Break



Oh the excitement for the impending winter break! There are few things we high school students enjoy more than that first twelve hours of sleep at the beginning of any break. But what about all the other days of break? Goodness knows we don’t start that homework nonsense until the final Sunday of break. So, now begins the whiling away all those hours and late nights of nothing. Let’s get creative with those blissfully boring days shall we?

  • Bake!
    Let’s be honest. Just because Santa can’t enjoy all those wonderful sweets there isn’t a reason you shouldn’t. So use that wonderful World Wide Web and snag an interesting recipe to taste. For all you lazy chefs out there, you should find an easy no-bake recipe
  • Go Build an Igloo
    Who hasn’t dreamed of living in an igloo? Well with this “wonderful” Michigan winter you can go forth and let that inner childfree once more. Or, if you want, you could make a super fortified snowball fortress and terrorize your friends. Try and use a five-gallon bucket. Like a sand castle you can use the bucket to make a tall wall then splash or spray it with water. The water will become solid ice overnight and create your very own fortress of doom.
  • Clean Your Room..?
    Is your mom on your back about that lack of visible carpet in your room? Well it will only get worse when Grandma buys you those gifts. So pretend to be proactive by stuffing all that laundry in a basket. Now you don’t really have to clean, just, restack. If everything looks like you organized your parents will think you just might have cleaned. So lay your blankets out over your bed and neatly rearrange your desk or even do the tried and true and utilize that space under your bed.
  • Movie Marathons Galore!
    After that holiday shopping your wallet is most likely pretty light, especially if you are buying for a significant other, so going out to the theatre is probably out of the question. But thanks to the wonders of Red Box and Netflix a world of possibilities for the movie experience is available to you. Commence the popcorn popping and pick through my list of movie suggestions to try and/or rewatch.

-“Christmas story”
-“Back to the Future” (All of them)
-“Ghost Busters” (All of them)
-“School of Rock”
-“Monty Python and the Holy Grail”
-“The Matrix Trilogy”
-“The Mummy” (First one is the best)
-“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”
-“The Incredibles”
Fantasy/ Sci-Fi:
-“The Fifth Element”
-“Lord of the Rings” (any and all of them and the Hobbit)
-“Star Wars” (Movies 4-6 first then watch 1-3)
-“The Princess Bride”
-“Edward Scissorhands”

  • Draw Me a Comic.
    Seriously. Who doesn’t doodle on their homework? Channel that inner artist into a comic about school, politics or whatever your heart desires. As long as it meets some simple guidelines, it has the opportunity to be posted online or in the Knight Life newspaper. So if you want to ride a T-Rex to school go ahead and E-mail me ([email protected]) to get a set of the guidelines so you can draw that up.

If these don’t satisfy your gnawing boredom then you are stuck spending family time with your relatives. Good luck my friends, and whatever your decision on an activity is, have a wonderful winter break.