Knightmare Joins the Battle of the Fans


Senior Lyric Kleber shows off this years student section shirt. You can purchase it and get into all home games for free. Photo Credit / Scott May

The Battle of the Fans is going on its third year in running with the idea of getting fans into games in a sportsmanlike manner by making it a competition between schools student sections.
the battle of the fans works is your schools student section makes a three-minute long video on why they believe their school should be named the number one student section in Michigan. The video is then sent to MHSAA and finally the MHSAA battles of the fans officials visit your school during a home game to see your student section and talk to the student section leaders.
“Knightmare,” the Norrix student section, entered the Battle of the Fans two years ago when former LNHS student Erin Romph ran the student section. During the 2013-2014 the student section lost its strength and numbers.
“It really comes down to the seniors,” said athletic director Andrew Laboe.
With the pressure on seniors Lauren Dougherty, Iyana Williams, Lyric Kleber and Scott May to lead the student section this year, the new student section leaders plan to reinvent the student section and make a run for a top five spot in the Battle of the Fans. This year with new leaders, “Knightmare” is planning to make a comeback in a big way. The student section leaders are making new cheers, activities and games to do at half-time, which involve not only the student section
but all the other fans who come out to support Loy Norrix athletics. You will still see cheers like the pealing of the banana and the roller coaster.
The student section is currently holding a contest to see who can come up with the best T-shirt design. The directors of the student section and the Mr. Laboe will decide who has the best design. The winner will be receive a free T-shirt which will allow a free pass into all home games. Turn your designs into the athletic office as soon as possible before the contest ends Thursday November 20th. Don’t forget to come out and support your Loy Norrix Athletes.