"Noises Off" Brings Laughter to the Crowds


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The cast of “Noises Off” is practicing a scene change shortly before the curtain rises opening night. Photo credit / Taylor Krupianik

Loy Norrix High School’s school play ‘Noises Off’ performed by students of Loy Norrix, on their opening night Thursday December 11th, was an amazing performance. The play is about a play and how things can go wrong on stage and behind the scenes.
The show was incredibly funny and very witty. You could tell that the students in the play put all of their heart and all their souls into it. Behind the scenes you can tell how they are close friends.
Nora Hilgart-Griff and Henry Muscara are two of the people a part of this play. Sophomore Nora plays Poppy, Stage manager from the play ‘Nothings On,” within “Noises Off,” Freshman Henry is a part of the crew and is understudy of all of the male characters.
“The funniest part of the play has to be Act Two, It just has a lot of energy,”said Muscara.
“It’s funny [be]cause it shows how we scramble together and it’s a lot of fun,” said Hiligart-Griff.
The comedy in the play is much different, since it is a British comedy.
“There is lots of physical comedy so it does translate very well,” said Muscara.
There are some very interesting costumes and characters in this play as well.
“Our favorite costume has to be the Sheik. it’s symbolized as a joke and and it’s just funny putting it on wrong and backwards, the show is funny and worth seeing,” Hilgart-Griff continued.
The show was a huge success and overall was an amazing play.
In the play there were many disasters as in heartbreaks, drama, messing up on lines and even wardrobe malfunctions. Even some unexpected events occurred. Overall the show was very hypergenic and funny.
CeCe Weeks is the director of the play, and very proud of all of the hard work put into place.
“The crew has to work to make this show successful. There are a ridiculous amount of props for this show, and everything needs to be in the right place at the right time, or the whole show gets off.  This crew has been so focused on making all of this happen, thus making the lives of the actors that much easier!”  said Weeks.