Knight Spottings


Three snow days during the week back from winter break has left the students at Loy Norrix in a snowy haze. Far below zero temperatures brought anticipation for more days off as we get back in to the swing of school and thoughts of Spring Break 2015 are stirring. Happenings around LN include the swim team winning by four points against Bridgman High School January 15, the cast list for the spring musical Urinetown, goes up on Monday, January 19, and requests for Winter Fest spirit day themes can be submitted to the guidance office.

Spotted: Marah Ranger working on test corrections for AP Biology. She keeps thinking about tryouts for a travel lacrosse team this summer through BJ Sports. Marah has been looking forward to trying out for this team since last year! You got this Marah!

xoxo LM
Spotted: Giovani Diaz eating a salad at lunch and choosing healthy options. Giovani is looking forward to going on a run after school like he tries to do everyday. He’s been running since middle school and the runner lifestyle “runs” in his famiy. Run Giovani Run!
xoxo LM
Spotted: Ana Vanegas leaving the bathroom or skipping class? Confirmed: Leaving 3rd Lunch before going to class. Ana starts her third job today as a peer educator for Prevention Works in elementary schools. She encourages the younger crowd to take preventative measures against violence, drugs, and sex. Ana is motivated to stay away from negativity surrounding our community and spreading positivity to the youth. Good Job Ana!
xoxo LM
TEACHERSpotted: Freshmen teacher Mr. Kreider teaching slam poetry or playing games on his computer? Confirmed: Checking and responding to an email about Link Crew. Kreider enjoyed the snow days last week to the max because he got to spend time with his family and his 1 and a half-year-old son. Three days of snow bliss left Kreider reading and playing with his baby boy. It’s the best thing in the world for him to spend time with his offspring. Number 1 Dad Mr. K!
xoxo LM