Loy Norrix Mourns the Loss of Junior, Carl Bragg III


Spanish teacher Christina Holmes reserves a corner of her classroom to honor Carl Bragg. Students have made posters and written loving comments around his photo. Photo Credit / Taylor Timmerman

Carl  V.  Bragg  III,  8/10/1998  –  1/25/2015,  a  Kalamazoo  resident  and  Loy  Norrix  junior  took  his  own life  at  age  16  on  January  25,  2015.  He  was  born  August  10,  1998  in  Chicago,  Illinois.  He  was  the  fifth  child  of  his  mother,  on  Charlene  Sander’s  side,  and  his  father  is  Carl  Bragg II.
According  to  Carl  Bragg’s  girlfriend,  Lashenik  Webb,  she’s  expecting  his  child  on  August  11,  2015,  one  day  after  Carl  Bragg’s  birthday.
Carl  Bragg’s  funeral  was  held  at  Galilee  Baptist  Church  on  February  4,  2015.  Approximately  100  people  attended  his  funeral  including  some  Loy  Norrix  staff  such  as   Danetta  Blake  and  the  former  principal  of  Loy  Norrix,  Johnny  Edwards.
According  to  Lashenik  Webb,  Carl  Bragg  loved  to  rap,  dance,  and  play  basketball.  He  eventually  wanted  move  to  Lansing  and  his  best  friend,  Seth  Larthridge.
“He  was  a  great  guy  and  overprotective  of  the  people  he  loved.  He  was  an  amazing  guy,”  Lashenik  Webb  said.
Carl  Bragg’s  best  friend  was  Loy  Norrix   junior  Seth  Larthridge,  he  has  numerous  memories  of  hanging  out  with  together.
“He  was  like  family  because  I  would  help  out  at  his  grandma’s  house  all  the  time.  He  was  cool,  we  kicked  it  everyday.  He  was  like  my  brother,”  said  Seth.
Loy  Norrix  spanish  teacher  Ms.  Holmes  honors  Carl  Bragg  by  saving  a  memorial  spot  in  her  classroom  with  a  photo  of  Carl.  Ms.  Holmes  only  knew  him  for  three  weeks  when  he  attended  her  Spanish 1A  class  and  he  had  already  made  an  impact  on  her.
“He  was  the  joy  in  the  classroom.  He’s  the  one  that  made  the  classroom  light  and  joyful.  When  he  wasn’t  there,  you  could  tell  because  the  atmosphere  was  different.  If  you  didn’t  get  the  chance  to  meet  him,  I  know  that  he  would  have  been  a  positive  aspect  in  your  life,”  Holmes  said.