Senior Shaquona Espinoza Shares Her Passion for Art


Shaquona Espinoza
Senior Shaquona Espinoza poses with her favorite drawing. Photo Credit / Imara Bowers

After encouragement from an elementary school art teacher, senior Shaquona Espinoza began to explore her artistic ability at a young age.
“I felt like my art work made people happy, so I wanted to continue doing it,” Espinoza said.
Norrix art teacher Cindy VanLieu has further motivated and inspired her to pursue art. “The fact that Ms. VanLieu saw something in me, it made me want to drive to do better, so I joined AP Art,” said Espinoza.
Espinoza participated in the Kalamazoo Art Hop, though she was unfortunately out of town when her artwork was on display. The difficult part of art for her is being disciplined to actually want to draw because she is a big procrastinator when it comes to art.
Espinoza’s favorite piece that she has drawn is a cigarette box and the label says, “I can’t breathe,” which is the piece that was shown at Art Hop. Espinoza plans to continue drawing and inspiring people with her art.