Tips to Improve Personal Hygiene


Nothing is worse than walking down the halls and smelling someone else’s fragrant body odor. Once students become middle and high schoolers, puberty occurs, and this is part of what causes body odor to occur.

Seniors Maxwell Evans and Jerome Smith jokingly smell each other in disgust. Photo Illustration / Claire VanderVelden
“I believe personal hygiene is a priority, especially in high school students,” said senior Uziel Ramos.
“Taking an extra ten seconds each morning to roll on some deodorant should not seem like such a hard responsibility to have,” said senior Jaime Ramos. It is really important to take care of yourself, and keep yourself clean.
Some kids here at Loy Norrix have gym classes, meaning they do physical activities that make them sweat more than usual. Keeping an extra stick of deodorant in your gym locker is a quick and easy tip to stay smelling fresh.
“Sometimes I even take two showers a day,” said  junior JeNessa Boggan.
If you participate in sports, it is important to cleanse afterwards to wash away the stink. Loy Norrix has showers in both women and men’s locker rooms, and everybody is welcome to make use of them.
“I take a shower every morning before coming to school,” said senior Malike Tolin.
It is also important to remember to wear clean clothes, and change them daily. Everyday activities cause your clothes to become filthy, and sometimes have a faint, dirty smell.
“When I work out or have practice, I shower twice a day, and I use Old Spice,” said senior Evan Vanhorne.
Keep clean and fresh-smelling may not be possible for all students because of financial issues, but the students who can need to be aware. If you are unable to provide yourself with soap, deodorant, clean clothes, or anything to maintain clean hygiene, contact a teacher who you feel comfortable with. Loy Norrix staff will be more than happy to help you.