Apple iPhone: The hottest trend of 2015 or a life changing hazard?


Photo Credit: Sam Siegel
Photo Credit: Sam Siegel

Do you ever wonder who produced your iPhone?

Foxconn, a manufacturing company in Zhengzhou, China which produces cell phones for Apple and other companies, have had a record number of suicides amongst their employees. The company has such a high demand for its products that they have their employees work long hours a day. To fix this problem, they put up suicide nets to prevent employees from jumping out of windows according to Jay Greene from CNET.

Wages are higher compared with other jobs in China, but they are sometimes barely enough to cover rent in the huge dormitories in which employees typically live. The workers are left with no money to send family members in villages who live on even less income. Working conditions are also so harsh that employees are starting to riot.

“It’s bad to make the Chinese workers depend on those types of jobs because it’s bad for their health and it has low wages,” said senior Ayden Olson.

“I have an iPhone and I didn’t know these conditions were going on. I’ll definitely take this into consideration on to buying the next iPhone,” said senior Iesha Stovall. The high demand of popularity of iPhone’s has impacted a whole country in an economic rise, but health hazards for people assembly is something to consider before buying your next Apple product.