The Kim Davis Controversy Reveals Fundamental Failures in the Government


Around the country, gay couples are acquiring marriage licenses from almost all of the county clerk offices in the nation. Until recently, there has been one last hold out who vowed to defend “traditional marriage.”
Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, has been refusing to hand out same-sex marriage licences. After a significant backlash, Davis then refused to issue any marriage licences to appear impartial. Recently, Davis spent five days in jail and is now back in office and still refuses to issue licences, although she allows her deputies to issue the licences she refuses to sign.
While many people call Davis a hypocrite saying that she has no right to complain about same sex marriage when she has been divorced multiple times, I feel like this is going for the low hanging fruit. Focusing on Davis’s previous marriages ignores the worst part of this situation. The really scary part of this story is the government’s inability to fire Davis.
Unlike a worker at Mcdonalds or a person working in a business, Davis literally cannot be fired for not doing her job.
Davis is an elected official, meaning that the only way she can forced to resign is if she’s impeached by the state senate. Not even the governor of Kentucky can fire Davis. The state senate of Kentucky does not convene again until this January so it is theoretically possible for Davis to be in jail for 3 more months before she could possibly be impeached. This also assumes that the traditionally conservative senate of Kentucky would follow through with impeachment.
Another element of this story is Davis’s elevation to martyrdom in the eyes of the religious right. Presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee have rallied behind Davis, claiming that this is proof about a “war on religion.”
“I think that people need to wake up and realize that the people of faith in this country are genuinely under attack. This is not about giving certain people their rights — it’s about denying others theirs,” Huckabee said.
According to a Pew study, nearly 92 percent of congressmen in the House and Senate identify as Christians. If the vast majority of the leaders in a country are part of an “oppressed” group, than the conspiracy that it would take to persecute these people would have to be enormous. Turning a woman who got rightfully jailed for breaking the law into a martyr for Christians exemplifies how ridiculous this argument is.  
At long last Davis has seen some reason and is allowing her deputies to create marriage certificates without her consent. Same-sex couples in that part of Kentucky will be able to legally marry and Davis will hopefully slide into obscurity. This entire controversy has done nothing other than show how ardiant some people are at restricting the rights of others. While some people use this controversy to show the institutionalized oppression of Christians, Davis has only shown how much work there still is to go.  
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