Kanye West Running for President 2020


Illustration: Luis Juarez
Illustration: Luis Juarez

On August 30th, 2015, the 32nd annual Video Music Awards were hosted by Miley Ray Cyrus. People ranging from Fetty Wap to Taylor Swift attended the VMA’s. A highlight that people discussed was Kanye West’s standing ovation. As Kanye stood on the stage for a good couple of minutes without saying a word, the people cheered and clapped. But the most memorable highlight that had everyone talking was his bid to run for president for the 2020 election year.
When Kanye had made his announcement, everyone started tweeting away about how they felt about his candidacy. Kanye’s announcement went so viral that the 2016 presidential front-runner of the Republican party Donald J. Trump was asked to give his input on West.
“He goes around saying ‘Trump is my all time hero’,” Trump said, “He says it to everybody. So, Kanye West, I love him. Now, maybe in a few years I’ll have to run against him, I don’t know. So I’ll take that back.”
A lot of people are happy for Kanye West because he’s pursuing political office, but there are those who can’t imagine West in the Oval Office.
“I don’t think Kanye West would be a good president because he has no political experience,” said senior Megan Zabik, “But he is a better candidate than Donald Trump.”
Even though the 2020 Presidential elections involving West may be interesting, U.S. citizens still shouldn’t get sidetracked from seeking out political knowledge for this upcoming election in 2016.
“I think [Kanye West’s candidacy] it’s a joke, circus, and a sideshow. The only thing positive about Kanye West is, despite his public persona, he is a family man and that’s an attribute I’d look for in a president,” said government teacher Michael Wright, “But that’s as far as it goes.”
Whether or not the Kanye West Presidency is true or not, a lot of people talk about Kim Kardashian as well.
“Kim Kardashian being First Lady means we’ll all look good, and maybe we’ll get better food in school,” said senior Rellisha Jackson.
There are supporters and there are haters of the couple, but aside from that what is important is to stay open minded and be informed of what’s going out in the world.