“Pokémon Go” Brings Childhood Dreams to Life


This is the Official Pokémon Go logo. It shows that soon all over the world Pokémon Go will be world wide.

Many kids have imagined, since the early age of 10, becoming a Pokémon trainer, but sadly Pokémon is just a game.
The new game “Pokémon Go” by Nintendo is scheduled to be released in 2016. They have created an app for iOS and Android, and you can order a sensor or a Bluetooth type of accessory to put on a wristband or simply tuck into your pocket. The wristband accessory is a Poké ball, and what it’s supposed to do is alert the app on your phone to tell you when there is a Pokémon close by. When you get to a certain distance by the Pokémon, you can try to catch it. This app will also allow you to battle other people who have the same app and trade their Pokémon with other people.              
“I’m excited to see what the app will look like and how everything will work. I’m excited to feel like a real trainer,” said senior Arya Malmgrem   
The game announcement has been blowing up all over people’s social media and excitement chatter. This brings gaming to a whole new level. Wherever you go, you can catch any Pokémon. The app is free, but there are some items you may have to pay for in the app itself, for example the Poké Balls. As you go places the app will be able to tell you when you have an item you came across and collect what you need, just like in the original games. Buying the Poké balls or anything else is really just there to speed up the process.
“I’m looking forward to seeing how they pull off Pokémon in the real world and how battles will happen. I’m excited because you can run into pokemon anytime of the day,” said senior Donovan Sarno.
Once your app scans your surrounding area, it will set of the watch or sensor and you can open it up, and right on the screen you can see the graphics from all around you. Like in the handheld game when you catch the Pokémon, it records the time the date and where you met the pocket monsters. When trading it shows who the original owner was, and where they met the Pokémon.
This game will be breaking down barriers and creating a new way of gaming by bringing the Pokémon world alive, even if it’s not technically real. People will make new friends, fight their Pokémon and trade. Pokémon fans all over have been waiting and getting excited as the game release gets closer.