Emma Greschak Draws Her Way Through High School



You’re roaming the halls of Loy Norrix. It’s after school, there’s no crowded halls to try to fight your way through to make it to class on time. Walking through the main hallway, something catches your eye. It’s artwork made by the art students in Loy Norrix.
Students are offered a number of different art programs, one of them being AP Studio Art.  AP Art is an advanced class for the students here at Loy Norrix to continue with their artwork.
“This [AP Art] is primarily for advanced art students who want to go on to art school for a career in design,” said AP Art teacher Cindy Vanlieu.
Junior Emma Greschak has been making art since she was 3 years old.  Now she is continuing her art through her high school career.
“It’s a way for me to express myself. It keeps my day… productive. I carry a sketchbook everywhere,” said Emma.
“When I have the chance, I sign up for art classes. I’ve done art camps for a couple years now,” said Emma. “My inspiration comes, in large part, from a lot of the work produced by LAIKA Studios.”
There are many different local art competitions for local artists to participate in, including Art Hop or ArtPrize. Art Hop and ArtPrize are two different competitions where artists will enter their artwork to the public. A few artists will enter their art to win a money prize.
Greschak has not entered her work in these competitions but says she hopes she can in the future. She has already had some of her comics published in Knight Life. This is only the beginning of her career in art.
Art is a career many people pursue. Some become artists who sell their work or put in competitions or museums, others use digital media, like cartoons or animation films.
Art students can attend multiple colleges in Michigan, but there are specific colleges and programs that are offered for art students.
“We have some really talented art students who have attended some of the most prestigious art colleges in the United States. For example:  Kendall College of Art and Design, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Michigan Stamps Art and Design School,  Michigan State Art School, Western Michigan Frostic School of Design, Eastern Michigan University, and the College of Creative Studies Detroit,” said Vanlieu.
When you go to college, where do you plan to go? Are you going to attend a school in Michigan and take advantage of the promise, or are you going out-of-state? As Vanlieu mentioned earlier, there are many different colleges with art programs.
Art is a form of expression, especially for Emma. Everyone has a small bit of artistic ability in themselves. Take that opportunity and let your ability strive.