Knight Life

Foreign Exchange Students enjoy New York City and Washington D.C. near the end of their programs

In this picture we can see all the exchange students that participated on this trip, posing in front of the White House. More than a 100 exchange students were there


May 20, 2014

The school year is close to the end and so are the exchange students’ programs in the U.S. What could be a better way to start saying goodbye than traveling to the most famous cities of this country? On April 28, more than 150 students from Michigan and Indiana, were able to leave their states and travel...

Another Year in the Veterans Affairs’ Medical Center

Photo by Sveri May
Here we can see some students interviewing one of the veterans and writing all the information that he is giving to them. Most of the students were interviewing in the big auditorium but some students (including them) had to move to another rooms because of their veterans difficulties to move.


April 25, 2014

Everybody has heard about wars and their effects, such as devastated countries, injuries, broken families, loss of lives and money… Wars are never easy to remember, mostly for those people who have lived them. The veterans of those wars have a lot to tell us about them. On April 3, Loy Norrix studen...

The Differences Between U.S.A.’s High Schools and Spanish High Schools

In this picture you can see some students and the Physics teacher of one of my classes in my high school 'Monte das Moas' in Spain, two years ago. These was the last day of school and they are making a joke, putting 'mustaches' on their faces, honoring the Physics teacher.


March 13, 2014

I arrived here in August as an exchange student from Spain, and when I got here I found a lot of differences between the U.S. and my country: the food, the eating schedule, the people, etc. But I found even bigger differences on my first day of high school. First of all, in Loy Norrix classes start ...

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