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Riots in the US are diminishing the intentions of the Black Lives Matter movement

Local students speak to the group of protesters after a downtown Kalamazoo march for Black Lives Matter on June 12.  Local students organized this peaceful protest and shared poems and reflections on the topic.

Devon Gross, Editor in Chief

June 25, 2020

On May 25th 2020, 46 year old George Floyd died after being pinned down by a police officer for nine minutes. While Floyd’s death sadly isn’t the first to happen in this nature, the spread of the video of this event caused a social media uproar and has been the recent spark for protests advocating f...

Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

April 8, 2020

To our readers and supporters, It’s no secret that the growing outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting each and every person’s day to day life. Although these circumstances are highly unexpected and not ideal, we can only hope for the best and try to hold on to what little bit of our normalcy that we...

A Knight Balances her Family Responsibilities

A Knight Balances her Family Responsibilities

June 10, 2017

Guest Writer Devon Gross Some people don’t have the luxury of a good relationship with their families.  Loy Norrix sophomore Abrianna Ramos is lucky enough to have an unbreakable bond with her mother. “My family is very important to me,” laughed Ramos. “I know it’s kind of obvious, but my...

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