A Knight Balances her Family Responsibilities

Guest Writer Devon Gross

Abrianna Ramos and her mother Karen, pose for a picture at the St.Joseph church. Going to church is just one of the many things that bring this mother and daughter closer together.

Some people don’t have the luxury of a good relationship with their families.  Loy Norrix sophomore Abrianna Ramos is lucky enough to have an unbreakable bond with her mother.
“My family is very important to me,” laughed Ramos. “I know it’s kind of obvious, but my family makes me who I am.”
All her life, Ramos lived in two separate houses.
“My parents were never actually married so they’ve been separated for as long as I can remember,” explained Ramos. “But I’m definitely closer with my mom then I am with my dad.”
According to The Telegraph, 93 percent of couples who have kids before getting married separate before the child is 16. About 73 percent of those children live primarily with their mothers.
“My mom is definitely my best friend,” beamed Ramos. “I tell her mostly everything. I feel guilty if I don’t. I tell her about my struggles, and I cry whenever she tells me about hers.”
Like every other high schooler, Ramos has dealt with her fair share of drama.
“When I was in eighth grade, I shared a secret that I wasn’t supposed to. My whole friend group that I had known all through middle school, shattered,” said Ramos.
It was a life changing event for Ramos. Her two best friends shunned her. It was one of the toughest days of her life.
“When I got home from school that day, I immediately went to my mom’s bedroom but she wasn’t home yet. I just cried and cried until I couldn’t anymore,” recalled Ramos.
As Ramos sprawled across her mother’s bed, she contemplated the feeling of guilt and stupidity that overtook her.
“When my mom got home, she immediately knew that something was up and asked me what was wrong, and you know when you start telling someone about something and you start crying again? That’s what happened, and she was just…there for me,” said Ramos with a sullen look.
But the special connection with her mother is the opposite from the relationship she has with her father.
“My dad and I do not have the best relationship,” stated Ramos. “I am the oldest of three step siblings on my dad’s side of the family and that definitely affects the distant connection I have with him,” said Ramos. “But I guess even when I was little I was closer with my mom. My dad tried to take me on a trip to Disney World when I was younger, and I just wanted to be with my mom a majority of the time.”
Ramos also feels a great deal of pressure from her father to get good grades but constantly feels like her dad compares her to her cousin.
“My cousin has like a 4.1 GPA right now and I know my dad wishes that I could be more like her, he’s said that and it’s made me cry before,” explained Ramos. “But I really know my dad just wants the best for me, I kind of feel like he just has an odd way of expressing that.”
Family really influences a person’s life, and Ramos has a family that continues to support her wishes and goals no matter what.
“My lifelong dream is to travel the world,” said Ramos with a gleam in her eyes. “I am really grateful for the family I have, and the unconditional support they give me and my dreams.”