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Loy Norrix sophomore’s experience of spinal surgery

Jessica Kanipe recovering from surgery.

Dajanique McPherson, Guest Writer

March 24, 2020

Sophomore Jessica Kanipe was like an every other student in Loy Norrix. She was active, attended gymnastics, and even spent time with both her friends and family.  Besides spending time with her family, Kanipe goes out with her friends, spending time mostly in the mall besides staying home.  Gymnastics...

The Effects of Love: Student Shares his Experiences with His Parent's Divorce

Brandon and his family hop on the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) while visiting his uncle Donny.

June 19, 2017

Guest Writer Jordan Taylor-Effinger You meet a girl, you fall in love. At that moment there’s no doubt in your mind that she’s the one for you, so you get married. Everything is “perfect.” You have kids and even then, things seem like they're all good. But after awhile it might feel like th...

Starting Over: Student Finds Pleasure In Moving To A New School

Classmates Brandon Schnurr and Hunter Sandt work on a newspaper newspaper project in Jounalism. Brandon and Hunter have known each other for about two years now and become good friends. Photo Credit / Breyana Wilson

June 18, 2017

Guest Writer Breyana Wilson Moving from a different school can be a difficult task for many young adults in America. Being placed in an unfamiliar environment with students and teachers you don’t know can become stressful. Hunter Sandt, who is now a freshman at Loy Norrix High School, experienced thi...

Perks of Poetry

Loy Norrix Junior Ardriques McFerrin poses with teacher and inspiration for poetry, Anna Gutman. Both Gutman and McFerrin enjoy writing poetry. Photo Credit / Will Dales

June 17, 2017

Guest Writer Will Dales “How can I give you my pain when it’s all I’ve got left?” said Loy Norrix junior Ardriques McFerrin as he read over one of his old poems. Poetry is an outlet for many, but for McFerrin it’s a way to not only express himself, but also a way to receive recognition. H...

Preparing for Early/Middle College

Jordan Taylor

June 14, 2017

Guest Writer Brandon Schnurr “I'm just an average kid with average scores and average grades,” said sophomore Jordan Taylor, but she is anything but average. Taylor is one of the few students entering Kalamazoo Public School’s Early/Middle College program at Kalamazoo Valley Community Colleg...

What Happens When Jesus Takes The Wheel?

Loy Norrix Sophomore Bailee Smith sits and reads her bible. She enjoys the escape from the normal classroom environment.  Photo Credit / Lily Graham

June 13, 2017

Guest Writer Lily Graham “When you put your trust in a higher power, it gives you a more positive outlook on life,” said Loy Norrix Sophomore Bailee Smith, when talking about her relationship with God.   All religions can have many values and beliefs, but what the majority of faiths have in c...

Future California resident?: Loy Norrix Freshman travels all around the world

Future California resident?: Loy Norrix Freshman  travels all around the world

June 11, 2017

Guest Writer Saryna Pineau “My mom loves to travel. It’s what we do as a family,” said freshman Ella Schnell. Schnell has been to Puerto Rico, California, Italy, Florida, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Normally she travels during spring break, winter break, or over the summer becau...

A Knight Balances her Family Responsibilities

A Knight Balances her Family Responsibilities

June 10, 2017

Guest Writer Devon Gross Some people don’t have the luxury of a good relationship with their families.  Loy Norrix sophomore Abrianna Ramos is lucky enough to have an unbreakable bond with her mother. “My family is very important to me,” laughed Ramos. “I know it’s kind of obvious, but my...

Meeting Hardship With Optimism: Bailey James Shares His Life Philosophy

Bailey James in Advanced Journalism being taught by Ms. Pankop.

June 9, 2017

Guest Writer Eddie Knudsen Like many high schoolers, Bailey James enjoys something that isn’t necessarily healthy. However, it’s something you might not expect: physical activity. Bailey was diagnosed with cardiomegaly, a condition more commonly known as an enlarged heart, shortly after he was bor...

Music is Love, Music is Life. Sophomores Motivating Passion for Music

 Sophomore Madeline Skiles (Right) and friend pose at their seats next to the stage where One Direction performed. Skiles and friend joined over 100,000 fans (AKA


December 17, 2014

Every day you hear music in the distance whether it be in the hallways from other classmates. Music plays from the intercom by Link Crew Members trying to create a more positive environment, or passing by the Choir room on your way out of class. Music is all around us! Some music you may like and s...

Loy Norrix Freshman Relates to Comic Book Characters, Good and Bad

Freshman Bela Coats focused on reading the comic book


December 2, 2014

  “If you can’t spend it, money’s just a lot of worthless paper isn't it?” -Batman. In this case, you can spend money. You can spend that money on comic books. Freshman Bela Coats likes comic books and has been reading them for the past two years. There are many different heroes that have...

Bump Set Style: A Sophomore’s Take On Volleyball and Fashion

Bump Set Style: A Sophomore’s Take On Volleyball and Fashion


November 17, 2014

“There’s such a competitiveness in volleyball. You want nothing more than to beat the other team,” said sophomore Lizzie Ko captain of the JV Volleyball team at Loy Norrix. ”Volleyball is so motivating in ways that other things aren’t for me.” Ko, as well as being the captain, plays lib...

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