Switching into an accounting class leads to new opportunities for sophomore


Credit: Whitney Mayfield

Sophomore Tierra Carson sits at her computer during 4th hour accounting class. Even though it’s online, she’s learning a lot and enjoying the class.

Melissa Preston, Chief Copy Editor

“Everything happens for a reason,” Loy Norrix sophomore Tierra Carson said.

On September 15th, Carson joined an accounting class which has led her to new experiences and opportunities. Even though it wasn’t her first choice, Carson believes that this change was meant to be.

Carson started out her school year in AP US history; however, it wasn’t a good fit for her. She contacted her counselor and asked to switch out. After looking at the very few options of classes to fill the hole in her schedule, she decided to switch into an accounting class taught by Beth Soisson, a teacher at Loy Norrix. 

Contrary to popular belief, Carson wouldn’t describe this class as boring, instead she said that it helps students learn about handling money and other important skills that they’ll use later in life.

“You don’t get these types of classes just anywhere,” Carson said, “I think it should be required for everyone.”

Carson isn’t the only one who holds these beliefs. While accounting might not be the most popular class, many people brag about the fundamental skills that it helps teach to students.

However, Carson explained that class can feel a bit repetitive because the tasks are relatively the same each time. Most of class is spent learning about handling money, namely checks, debit cards and credit cards, and in their small group meetings, they mostly work on their own assignments. 

The article “What are the requirements for a career in accounting?” by Holland Webb explains some of the jobs accountants do in more depth. “Accountants help businesses create viable financial plans. These professionals keep fastidious records, apply knowledge of complex financial procedures, and help companies maintain legal compliance. Accountants solve problems, provide financial advice, and build rapport with clients.”

Once Carson joined, she noticed an opportunity in the Google Classroom stream. There was an announcement of a job opportunity that would involve the information taught in class. 

“I wanted to put skills that I’ve learned in accounting to the test,” Carson said.

She was up for the challenge. Carson contacted Soisson about her interest in the job over email. Soisson replied with an email explaining the next step, contacting a woman who works at the company. Carson sent some emails back and forth with that employee which eventually led to a phone interview. Carson said the interview went well, and she could tell because they arranged a date for an in-person interview.

Feeling good after the interviews, Carson went home to rest and focus on her schoolwork again. This job opportunity made class more interesting for her. She now has a more positive outlook on the class and is more excited to learn. 

Carson will find out in the upcoming weeks whether or not she got the job, but she can’t wait to start. The job is going to be a bit repetitive, like the class, but she’s excited to be in an actual office with her own desk. Even if it’s just taking business calls, having a serious job when she’s only 15 years old is a very exciting future Carson sees herself in.