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Senior Nolan Tribu (left) and senior Adam Ismaili-Alaoui (right) socialize on their lunch break in school. Ismaili works hard on an assignment while Tribu enjoys his lunch and chats.

Students’ return to school comes with social change and new perspectives

Owen Davis, Staff Writer November 3, 2021

During the late spring of the 2019-2020 school year, students received a ring on their home phones and notifications in their emails. The rapid spread of a new virus known as COVID-19 had caused schools...

Family/Friends/Socializing is what students and staff said they missed most, followed closely by school and extracurriculars.

Students and staff reflect on what they missed due to COVID-19

Kai Neve-Jones, Assistant Photo Editor May 26, 2021

COVID has affected everyone. Everyone has lost something, whether that be family, traveling opportunities, time at school, or events with friends. Now that vaccines are being rolled out, we have more chances...

Freshman create analogies of an animal or plant cell. These were later displayed for peer review and to allow others to see how creative the freshmen were.

KAMSC students work hard on their cell projects for biology class: Freshmen create analogies of an animal or plant cell.

Allie Fried, Guest Writer February 29, 2020

Walking down Alshehri Alley, you will see lights, glue, and lots of poster boards. Students walk around the tables on the speckled tile floor, admiring the hard work of the KAMSC freshmen.  On Friday,...

Allie Fried sets priorities for learning during her freshman year

Damarion Johnson, Guest Writer February 27, 2020

There are lots of youngsters out there who really dedicate themselves to their work and spend their time achieving to the fullest degree to be successful in life. Others are commonly known as wild and...

KAMSC Student Chooses Academics Over Social Time

KAMSC Student Chooses Academics Over Social Time

April 18, 2019

By Abigail Hauke “I only recommend KAMSC because some people enjoy and get a lot out of it. However, it’s for those ‘scholarly few’ who can handle it,” said freshman Emma Borden. Borden is a...

Freshman Claire Goodwin-Kelly enjoys writing articles and researching current topics.  Next year she intends to write articles for the student newspaper.  Photo Credit, Julienne Alphonse

Freshman Thinks of Missing out at LN because of KAMSC

April 16, 2019

By Julienne Alphonse Everyone's first day at school is chaotic and nerve-racking, but imagine putting yourself through that twice in one week at two different schools. According to the Loy Norrix administrative...

Stressful Schedules: Regretful Students Realize That they May Not be up for the Challenge of Accelerated Classes

Stressful Schedules: Regretful Students Realize That they May Not be up for the Challenge of Accelerated Classes

Audreanna Dunton, Assistant Business Manager October 20, 2017

Many students returned to school this fall with high expectations set for themselves to succeed in their classes. The start of school gives students a variety of different feelings, ranging from a rush...

Nate Goodwin Kelly

Waiting for Weighting: Kalamazoo Public Schools Should Weight the KAMSC Classes on a 5.0 Scale

June 12, 2017

Guest Writer Nathan Goodwin-Kelly On most weeknights, there are numerous students staying up late into the night, studying and completing assignments.  The Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center is attended...

CS team members pose at the Michigan State University competition. Back row: Steven Vorbrich, first from left; Ben Dunham, third from left. Second to last row: Nick Gaunt, first from left.

KAMSC Programming Team Comes in Second at Nationals

darcybillian June 10, 2013

It was a chilly Friday morning late in March when the Programming Team set off for Raleigh. “We left at five a.m. and then rode in a car filled with programmers for twelve hours, which was... weird,”...

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