KAMSC students work hard on their cell projects for biology class: Freshmen create analogies of an animal or plant cell.


Credit: Allie Fried

Freshman create analogies of an animal or plant cell. These were later displayed for peer review and to allow others to see how creative the freshmen were.

Allie Fried, Guest Writer

Walking down Alshehri Alley, you will see lights, glue, and lots of poster boards. Students walk around the tables on the speckled tile floor, admiring the hard work of the KAMSC freshmen. 

On Friday, January 31, KAMSC freshmen brought in their cell projects that they had been working on at home for the past week. Today was their ‘cell’ebration. They brought in their projects and took time to walk around to see what everyone else had created. Students peer edited the projects and then went back to the biology classroom to eat sweet treats that their classmates brought in.                             

“The cell project is the best project I have done in KAMSC because me and my partner worked together to reach the goals and it turned out very well,” said Andre Soisson, part of the organs group.

Each student was able to choose the theme of their cell project. Then they were assigned either a plant cell or an animal cell along with a number. For the entire week, they had to meet up with their partner outside of school to create their cell and write their analogies. 

“The cell project was quite an experience! We had a little more than a week to come up with analogies, get our materials and build away. Lots of communication was needed in order for everything to run smoothly. The end projects were a sight to see and super creative, overall a fun project to do!” said Amanda Meinert, part of the tissues group.

Everyone put their projects out on the tables for display. Their projects lined the hallway.  After peer reviewing two projects to check for the accuracy of everyone’s analogies, the tissues group went back to class to enjoy cupcakes, cookies and coconut water provided by fellow classmates. 

“It was stressful to see a project come along over several hours of hard work and to see whether or not your hard work will pay off,” said Jack Novotny, part of the cells group.