The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

Knight Life

Planning is an essential part of teaching. Government teacher Kyle Shack is editing slides to teach his first hour.

Planning their class is crucial for teachers to keep students engaged

Dady Lo, Staff Writer June 9, 2023

Imagine if you went to school, sat down, got out your Chromebook, notebook, pencil and looked up at the board, then the teacher said that they had no clue what to do. Teachers have important responsibilities...

(Left side)Seniors Sophie Grover, Amelia Grover, Wolfgang Madonia who is playing the guitar,  Sean Mcflinton, and junior Stan Thomas are talking to their friends. (Right side) Seniors Eden Holm-Griffs and Ressah Link are enjoying their time during their 30-minute lunch break at the senior court yard. It’s more peaceful out here. I just like the fresh air after I have been stuck in school for a long time. It’s nice to decompress,” said Holm-Griffs.

Administrators believe that high schools can’t make time for recess, but some students and teachers believe it’s better for students

Krystal Perez-Castro June 4, 2023

Remember the time when we would go to recess and get a break from all our core classes to be able to breathe. Once we transitioned from elementary to middle and then high school, that all changed.  No...

Student skips class during 3rd hour. Many student leave to skip class out of the lower K wing doors.

Loy Norrix teachers describe the negative effects of skipping on both staff and students

Sophia James, Guest Writer April 24, 2023

For most students, the mention of skipping class wouldn’t be anything new.  The number of students missing multiple weeks of school or just having unexcused absences is climbing.  In Grand Rapids...

Microaggressions negatively affect students of color, but micro affirmations can help

Microaggressions negatively affect students of color, but micro affirmations can help

Chloe Hanks, Guest Writer April 18, 2023

Black. A political ‘statement’ and skin color based-category for specific populations with usually, a mid to dark-brown complexion. You see it in your best friends, co-workers, neighbors, peers  and...

Photo by: FOX17

The search for a superintendent comes to Loy Norrix

Foster Neve-Jones, Assistant Web Editor and Knights Speak April 6, 2023

After Superintendent Raichoudri’s resignation from the Kalamazoo Public Schools Administration, the search for a new superintendent immediately begins Ray and Associates, a firm experienced in recruitment...

Freshman Carter Pickett works on finishing his study guide for his journalism class. He
knows if he finishes it and consistently studies it the final exam will be a piece of cake.

Students and teachers talk about how the pandemic affected their motivation and how it persists to this day

Juan Ortiz-Ponce, Guest Writer March 17, 2023

It’s a typical day in a high school classroom. More than half the students are distracted, on their phones with no motivation to do their work. These students also wonder why they have such low grades. The...

Freshman Juan Ortiz-Ponce listens to music while he types his story. He is so heavily focused and engaged on his work. He finds that when he listens to Spanish music it helps him focus.

Students and teachers disagree about whether music should be allowed in classrooms

Carter Pickett, Tower Talk Editor March 14, 2023

You walk into class listening to your favorite song. Everything is right with the world, but then your teacher tells you to take off the headphones and turn the music off. Some Loy Norrix teachers are...

Nadia Abbott takes the mic to wrap up the Black History Month rally. When asked if she had anything to say to students at Loy Norrix, she replied, “Stop hurting each other.”

Student-led Rally: A discussion of police brutality and life for Black students

Josephine Velo, Executive Director of Visual and Digital Media March 2, 2023

In response to continuous police brutality, on Feb. 10, a student rally took place at Loy Norrix. The rally was organized by Norrix senior Nadia Abbott and included multiple student speakers who showcased...

Photo illustration

The lows of getting high: exploring the effects of smoking on students

Alex Buckley and Owen Quayle February 13, 2023

Smoke clouds drift above stall walls – a constant haze of marijuana scent and smoke in the air. Welcome to the bathrooms of Loy Norrix. The continuous issue of smoking in bathrooms has been on Norrix’s...

Students in James Bellwares Career and College Readiness do a worksheet to learn
about different organizations they can join after highschool. They looked at the National Guard,
Peace Corps, and Teach for America.

Staff and students think that standardized testing puts too much pressure on students

Leah Sparks, Guest Writer January 10, 2023

It’s a normal Wednesday at Loy Norrix, except for the fact that students are taking the English portion of the Horizon standardized test in math class.  A survey done by the Council of the Great...

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community