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Democratic Socialism, Reshaping America's Left

Democratic Socialism, Reshaping America's Left

Brandi-Rose Phiri

May 8, 2019

The phrase “democratic socialism” has been popping up all over the news. Some of the liberals are split about weather they agree with this system, and Republicans think it's just the newest radical idea that all liberals are turning to. Even though many people are forming their opinion without ...

Not Such A Thin Line: Peoples Political Ideas Aren't Always Black And White

Max meets with government teacher Mr. Wright every day at lunch to talk about worldly matters. This lunch they were discussing the recent shooting in Brazil.
Photo Credit: Riley Dominianni

April 22, 2019

By Daniel Isacksen Democrats and Republicans are more divided than ever on immigration, transsexual and transgender rights, reproductive rights and gun control, among many other issues. Both parties have members whose beliefs reflect the most extreme versions of their ideologies. However, many American...

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