Knight Life

An inside look to the backbone of theater at Loy Norrix

This is the inside of the auditorium ceiling. This is where the spotlights are located and where select crew members, like Myah Walker, are stationed for performances.

Gigi Fox, Opinion Editor

November 13, 2019

The winter musical here at Loy Norrix is always an exciting way to get creative and have fun with performing. The actors put in hours and hours of work to perform for the school, but the people you don’t see on the stage put in just as much work to run the show.  A lot of time is put into painting and build...

"A Little Shop of Horrors” Cast Delivers a Killer Performance

Anna Kushner

April 20, 2018

The lights dim, the curtains pull back, and one is transported to Skid Row, where lonely flower shop assistant Seymour, played by senior Victor Moss, gambles his chance for love and success on an obscure new plant which he names Audrey II, after his friend and crush, Audrey, played by senior Grace Erwa...

Loy Norrix Drama Department Welcomes New Performers

Loy Norrix Drama Department Welcomes New Performers

Sebastian Rodriguez

October 22, 2017

The Loy Norrix Drama Department is going to perform “Lend Me a Tenor, ” written by Ken Ludwig. There are only 8 character roles in "Lend Me A Tenor.” This meant that auditions for the play were more selective. Twenty-five people auditioned for the roles, but only eight were cast. The play foll...

The Multiple Team is Next to Normal

Junior Grace Erway sings and directs the voices of the team. While she does this, she adjusts their pitches and respective notes to make the finished product sound more audibly appealing. Photo Credit / Sidney Richardson

Sidney Richardson

January 25, 2017

  Among the many events that make up the forensics department, a department that showcases the acting and speaking abilities of a performer, you will find the Multiple Team. Multiple is an event in forensics where small teams of actors compete to perform mini musicals and plays. Performers are aske...

"The Book of Mormon": Shocking, Offensive and Wonderful

"The Book of Mormon": Shocking, Offensive and Wonderful


November 14, 2016

There are certain things that you want to bring your parents to; baseball games, museums and parent teacher conferences (when you have decent grades). Everyone knows that watching a romantic movie with them should be avoided at all costs, but there are some things that you always expect to be family-...

"Urinetown" a Must See, to Play for One More Weekend

"Urinetown" a Must See, to Play for One More Weekend

March 27, 2015

By Guest Writer Chris Hybels The premise of the musical “Urinetown” is based around a society that is forced to use and pay for public amenities. Society was forced into this system because of lobbying by Mr. Cladwell, owner of the amenities. Till one day a young hero, Bobby Strong stands up and...

Students at Loy Norrix Strive for Greatness in this Year’s Musical

Joe Santamaria is the lead in this year's musical


February 7, 2013

Talk has filled the halls of Loy Norrix high school about this year's spring musical, “Sweeney Todd”. “Sweeney Todd” is a story about a barber who returns to London in the 19th century after being banished by the evil Judge. Sweeney Todd seeks revenge against the judge who abducted his wife and...

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