Loy Norrix Drama Department Welcomes New Performers

Sebastian Rodriguez

Top row, left to right: Drew Strand, Izzy Wikle, Abby Hauke, Victor Moss, Celeste Moss. Bottom row, left to right: Riley Dominianni, Lydia Achenbach, Bonnie Bremer, Amarra Lyons, Sidney Davis II. The cast of “Lend Me a Tenor” pose for a group picture. Photo Credit / Sebastian Rodriguez

The Loy Norrix Drama Department is going to perform “Lend Me a Tenor, ” written by Ken Ludwig. There are only 8 character roles in “Lend Me A Tenor.” This meant that auditions for the play were more selective. Twenty-five people auditioned for the roles, but only eight were cast.
The play follows Tito Merelli, a famous opera singer coming to Cleveland, Ohio in 1934 for a performance. Merelli can’t perform as expected and the play follows the events after that.
The main roles are Saunders, Max, Maggie Saunders, Tito Morelli, Maria, Diana, Julia and the Bellhop.
The Loy Norrix students selected to play these roles are:
Max – senior Victor Moss
Maggie Saunders – senior Bonnie Bremer
Tito Merelli – senior Drew Strand
Julia – senior Lydia Achenbach
Diana – senior Amarra Lyons
Mrs. Saunders – junior Abigail Hauke
Maria – sophomore Riley Dominianni
The Bellhop – freshman Sidney Davis II
This will be the first Norrix theater performance for Riley Dominianni. When asked how she relates to her character she said, “She’s an Italian, which I am as well. She also likes to talk and is very passionate about a lot of stuff. Her family is also important to her.”
Dominianni is a sophomore this year and she performed most recently at Maple Street Middle School. The plays and musicals at Maple Street help young students get an understanding of how a theatrical performance should run and also prepares them for the dramatic productions at the high school level, which are typically more difficult due to the more professional aspect of the show.
“The ones [theatrical performances] at Maple Street were always a big cast, while this one is only eight people. The performance space is also much bigger here at Norrix. The plays and musicals here also feel more professional and sophisticated,” said Dominianni.
Bonnie Bremer also has experience from Maple Street and has performed at Loy Norrix, but unlike Dominianni, this is Bremer’s senior year and one of her last chances to act in a Loy Norrix performance
“I’m excited that this is my last show at Norrix because I think it’s a really good show to leave off on. Obviously I’m gonna be sad because I won’t be able to work with all of the same people again, and I won’t be able to be on stage again. It’s bittersweet, ” said Bremer.
This is also seniors Victor Moss, Amara Lyons and Lydia Achenbach’s last show at Norrix.
On the other hand, “Lend Me A Tenor” is the first show at Norrix for Dominianni and freshman Sidney Davis.
Much like his castmates, Davis feels that he relates to his character in a lot of ways. “He’s silly, funny and makes random jokes. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell, ” said Davis.
Davis is the only underclassmen in the cast, therefore, he is constantly surrounded by people who already have experience in the theater here at Norrix.
“I’m a little nervous but also really excited because I’m around a lot of talented and experienced actors who I can learn from, ” said Davis.
“Lend Me A Tenor” has a small cast, and since they have to spend after school hours together everyday after school, they are all like one big family.

  • October 27th – 7 p.m.
  • October 28th- 3 p.m & 7 p.m.
  • October 29th- 3 p.m.


  • $5 for students
  • $7 for adults

Tickets can be pre-purchased with cash or a check through director Paige Carrow in room J11 or at the front door with cash.