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Social media helped teens stay sane during the state-mandated lockdown

Moore enjoys time outside during quarantine, a nice change from her time in her room on social media.

Ellie Haase, Business Manager/Social Media Team

October 24, 2020

This has no doubt been one the craziest years many of us have experienced. With schools being shut down in March, students worldwide were unsure of how to cope with the number of things they were missing out on and the uncertainty in the world.  Sophomore at Loy Norrix, Lauren Kelley, said “I just made joke...

How quarantine changes students: Georgia Hutton’s evolution in isolation

Georgia Hutton appears here in one of her new outfits. Wearing a sweater vest with a t-shirt underneath has emerged as a popular trend during quarantine.

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor

October 1, 2020

Students left school in March expecting to enjoy a two week vacation before going back to school. Instead, they were greeted with a six month stretch of first online school, then summer vacation, and finally online school again. Obviously, this extended time with less social exposure and more time alone...

Quarantine comic #1: Time is relative

Quarantine comic #1: Time is relative

Maya Crawford, Graphics Editor

June 14, 2020


Artwork of quarantined kids: Part one

Artwork of quarantined kids: Part one

Lydia Snapp, Social Media Team

June 9, 2020


The environmental impacts of quarantine are not what we thought they were

The Kal-Haven trail is a great way to spend time in nature over quarantine.

Hannah Locke

May 31, 2020

In the first few weeks of the quarantine caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, pictures and articles showing clean canals in Venice, Italy, reduced air pollution in over-populated cities, and free, unharmed wild animals were going viral. This information sparked some hope among many humans around...

The end of quarantine drawing near: What will be the new normal?

D&W Fresh Market in Kalamazoo clearly defines social distancing and ensures the safety of staff and patrons.

Samantha Shaffer

May 18, 2020

The end of Michigan’s quarantine period is in sight. However, as we get closer to reopening the state, many wonder how normal will be defined.  Governor Whitmer announced in late April that she has a plan outlining the reopening of Michigan’s economy. According to the article “Updated: Whitmer ...

A way to escape the stress of quarantine: A few book suggestions to pass the time

A way to escape the stress of quarantine: A few book suggestions to pass the time

Samantha Shaffer

May 5, 2020

As the days of quarantine drag on, it feels as though the number of activities left to keep us entertained is dwindling. However, time has seemed to slow down a bit. We are no longer rushing to different commitments or exhausted from school and work. This provides the perfect opportunity to pick up ...

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