Knight Life

This is a depiction of liberalism trying to erase history with the use of political correctness. This has closer relation to political correctness as used in the 70's-90's.

How political correctness inhibits progression in the United States

Princess-J'Maria Mboup, Knights Speak Team May 21, 2021

The idea of being politically correct is not a new concept, having roots going back to the 70’s in the U.S. It has ruled with an iron fist ever since the early 1990’s when it was used to describe extreme...

All About Perspective: Seeing A New Side To The Cyntoia Brown Case

Ciera Mcclenton April 27, 2019

Cyntoia Brown, as of today a 31 year-old black woman, became a victim of sex trafficking at the age of 16, a nightmare that has followed her for over a decade. When she was only 16, she killed and robbed...

The Move: Loy Norrix Student Recalls Moving From A Small Town

The Move: Loy Norrix Student Recalls Moving From A Small Town

February 1, 2017

GUEST WRITER: Ciera Mcclenton-Langston It was the last day of the school year at Edwardsburg Public School. Freshman Marissa Jacquez came home in a state of excitement. She ran around the house like a...

Comment Section Proves Prejudice is Alive and Well

Comment Section Proves Prejudice is Alive and Well

mxwllevans April 16, 2015

I'm a senior, Michigan's notorious weather is finally staying warm for good, and it's 8 o'clock on a Wednesday night. The combination of these factors means that I am absolutely not doing homework....

Kelly Hinga running in the Rock n Roll Marathon.

Running Fifty Marathons Before Fifty

jrsantamaria96 May 7, 2014

On a billboard in her office is the mantra: “If you believe, if you work hard, if you smile, you can do anything.” Hanging on the billboard in her office are thirty medals. In a basket under the billboard,...

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