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Sadness In Silence, Having Friends With Depression

Sadness In Silence, Having Friends With Depression

Maya Crawford, Graphics Editor

December 17, 2017

Depression. I’d like to say not a lot of people suffer from it, but that’s not the case, unfortunately. Three hundred fifty million people have depression, and that’s only those that are diagnosed. There are probably countless others that just haven’t said anything. Depression can manifest in many differe...

10 Worst Ways to Kick Off Your Summer

Ben Miller
Opinion Editor


June 9, 2014

10. You try to play “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper, but it won’t stop buffering 9. Find out they spelled your name wrong in the yearbook 8. Missing the bus because you were busy celebrating 7. You tell off your worst teacher… before they put your final grade in 6. Getting your phone taken...

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