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Older siblings pave the way for younger siblings

Loy Norrix football coach, Terry Farmer, mentors many young athletes.  Photo Credit / Alexis Weeden

Ellie Haase, Business Manager/Social Media Team

April 19, 2020

There is family gathered in the living room, everyone’s unique personalities are all coming together in one room, which radiates a chill and happy vibe. There is some typical bickering and arguments between a few siblings, causing mixed emotions among everyone for a short period of time, but event...

Loy Norrix Twins Describe What It’s Like Being Identical

Zoe (left) and Eva (right).

January 11, 2019

By Jeanie Gould-McElhone “Wait, which one are you again?” This is a question that twin sisters, Eva and Zoe Bugnaski get quite often. Why? They look exactly alike. Eva and Zoe have been living together and eating together their entire lives. They even shared the same womb and have been expected to share everythin...

Having Siblings Impacts You in Various Ways

Having Siblings Impacts You in Various Ways

December 21, 2018

By Gabby Davis Most people never realize how having siblings can affect you not only in negative, but also positive ways. When reading this you may think your own siblings are so annoying and you'd rather be the only child. Maybe then you wouldn't have to clean up after them, watch them, share your...

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