Older siblings pave the way for younger siblings


Loy Norrix football coach, Terry Farmer, mentors many young athletes. Photo Credit / Alexis Weeden

Ellie Haase, Social Media Editor

There is family gathered in the living room, everyone’s unique personalities are all coming together in one room, which radiates a chill and happy vibe. There is some typical bickering and arguments between a few siblings, causing mixed emotions among everyone for a short period of time, but eventually all the siblings go back to doing their own thing.

This is what you could expect if you were at the Knight’s household when the whole family is together. They don’t get the chance to all be together at once very often, but the family  still remains close. 

“We keep the same energy until the next time we see each other, no matter the amount of time,” Loy Norrix freshman Devin Knight explained about his family, and the time they spend together.

Knight is the youngest child among his seven older siblings. 

According to the article, Average number of people per family in the United States from 1960 to 2019, written by Erin Duffin from Statistica, “The average family consisted of 3.14 persons in 2019.” 

Since Knight’s family size is above average, many may be curious as to how having such a large family has affected his life both at home and in school. 

Knight has had four of his older siblings graduate from Loy Norrix.

Knight’s siblings have created an image that he is almost expected to follow, but he likes being known as his own person. Knight said more often than not, people respect that. Some of Knight’s teachers at Loy Norrix had his older siblings in their classes so they have expectations for him, he said, “Mrs. Long keeps a close eye on me because of my sister.” 

Knight is not close in age with his siblings, but the six brothers in the family grew up playing soccer, football, and basketball. Knight stopped playing soccer in 7th grade but continues to play football and basketball on the freshman teams at Norrix. 

His older brother, Armonte Tolbert, was well-known at Norrix for basketball and football. Knight wishes to be just as or more well-known than him. 

With Tolbert being so well-known, he created strong relationships with the coaches which has affected Knight’s experiences with them. Coach Farmer, who is one of Knight’s all time favorite coaches throughout 5+ years of playing football, views Knight as being “outgoing, fun, hardworking, and committed.” 

Knight feels that Coach Farmer has taught him everything he knows. They have a close bond and when asked if this was a result of his brother previously having him as a coach, Knight said, “For sure, that’s the reason we’re so chill.”